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Thread: Varna Handbike.

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    Varna Handbike.

    Does anyone use a Varna Handcycle and if so what modifications have you done to the handcycle.

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    Hubby had one. Unfortunately realized too late it's not a bike for speed. Crashed and had several stitches. So, sorry, no modifications other than selling the Varna for a race handcycle.

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    I had the Varna Liberator because it was set up with gearing that made hill climbing easy. Unfortunately this bike as shipped had scary steering at over 10 mph. I rolled the bike going down hill when it got too squirrely to control. I contacted the vendor and they sent additional bushings to tighten the steering. My local bike shop installed these and it improved the handling quite a bit but I also had to modify my riding style braking carefully down hills and reducing speed on the flats with lots of turns. I bought the bike in part because the seat was high and transfers back to chair easier

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