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Thread: Does anyone else use Darci to type?

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    Does anyone else use Darci to type?

    For those using sip & puff, does anyone else use a Darci USB plug-in? I've been happily typing & using a mouse with one for years now, but it only works at 100% with Windows XP. I've been running one computer with XP solely for that reason, but since Microsoft phased it out it's becoming increasingly problematic. When we try to use Darci with Windows 7 or 10 there's a significant lag between the sip & puff command and the desired action. Typing is notably slower. Darci says it's a Microsoft issue and Microsoft is totally useless help-wise and says to contact Darci. I know it's not widely used, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks!

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    The driver may still work with 32bit Windows 7. Is it 32bit Windows XP that you were using?

    Otherwise, a format and clean install of Windows XP may be required to rejuvenate the PeeCee.

    Is the device just a USB HID keyboard?

    If so should work with the standard keyboard driver. However, the new Windows version may no longer be accessible via keyboard!

    Note that graft is required to allow your driver to be used by Windows though it may still work on other systems.

    See Darci in

    By the way Microsoft _always_ lie. Whatever they say you take the exact opposite and you'll be right.
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    IO methods and websites have a big impact on blind users

    Sip _and_ puff! Do you use a fancy iambic Morse code input method?

    There are also chorded keyboards such as Twiddler that you can use if you have fingers that work. Some chorded keyboards use a Braille input method.

    It is a Microsoft issue and Microsoft _always_ lie. Gone back to XP?

    Debian GNU/Linux is popular with some blinkies that I know. They only use their expensive refreshable Braille displays at home. They use normal USB keyboard and text to speech on TTY style General Terminal Interface apps such as Edbrowse and Heirloom mailx. Some manage to use Curses screen orientated space cadet apps such as Emacs and Lynx.

    Windows does not provide any TTY interface. Apple does, but none of their GUI apps would work.

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