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Thread: NeuroRecovery Technologies, Inc. CEO presents at Working 2 Walk

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    And to prove that I am fair AND honest.....

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    Edgerton's results have been replicated in Ireland, Australia and at the Mayo Clinic without similar claims of harm
    1. The n=1 study in Ireland is not a replication of any other existing study but rather a standalone LMN + exoskeleton study. (Happy to be corrected if someone else in Ireland has been stimulated and that it is indeed a replication of something that has been done before)

    2. I am not aware of anyone that has been stimulated in Australia to date. I believe these replication studies are planned for starting later in 2018. (Happy to be corrected if they have indeed started already).
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    Here's the latest Edgerton's transcutaneous stim study. 7 of 12 motor complete quads benefitted from stim.

    T3-T6 complete since Sept 2015.

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