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Thread: Low iron and other blood measures

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    Low iron and other blood measures

    I'm a C7 complete, 27 years post and just got some blood work back from the doctor after a routine visit last week. He said that most of the blood measures indicate bleeding somewhere in the body that is not showing up in my urine or stool. I do not feel weak or anemic but have been having significant heart palpitations while in bed at night for the last few months. My PCP referred me to a GI doctor to have my upper and lower tracts checked for bleeding in the next few weeks.

    Is this an urgent matter or can it wait for a few weeks?

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    Difficult to say without knowing your lab results. Bleeding within the GI tract usually shows up in a stool guiac test. Was this normal? Did he do any studies such as abdominal ultrasound??? How long have you been seeing this physician? Some people with SCI have what is called "the anemia of chronic disease", which is pretty much a catch-all phrase for "we don't know why you are anemic". How is your kidney function? People with impaired renal function also are prone to anemia. Was your B12 level checked in your labs? A CRP level? A hematologist might be a better consult for you than a GI physician.


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    Do you have a pulse oximeter to check your blood oxygenation level regularly. You can get one as cheap as 18.00 on amazon and it will be as accurate as the one's used in your doctor's office. My wife was hospitalized (2 hospitals and a nursing home) for 5 months for pneumonia complicated by C Diff about 6 years ago. During much of the time that pulmonary issues plagued her her red .blood cells were enlarged because she often had inadequate oxygenation of the blood.

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    She also had low iron levels during this period without any source of blood loss discovered.

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    I have an appointment to get a upper and lower colonoscopy in a few weeks. I also had the nurse pull my last blood work and some of the items (like iron level) were this low back in February 2016. I'll stay on this, eat Cheerios, go to my appointments and report back when I know more. Thanks to all who provided feedback.

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