Note on unexplained Spinal Injury & Spinal Stroke

Following extensive investigation of the causes of spinal strike without apparent explanation, the following case has been proven by a team of bio mech engineers, leading neurologists and other contributors in the spinal research field. A scientific paper is being prepared for publication.

1. Spinal stroke may occur many weeks or months after a primary event involving sudden straightening of the spine due to physical trauma such as impacts, sudden athletic overstrains, certain sports activities and other daily activity not providing immediate neurological symptoms.

2 The classic spinal stroke onset and symptoms may occur following subsequent minor overstrains or lesser impacts many weeks later. The detailed mecanism of sudden vascular obstruction is now established.

3. Aspirin at the time of final onset has been identified as one of the few medicines that should be administered according to latest published research.

4. anyone wishing with to obtain qualifying references for these comments should contact me directly for references and or the unpublished studies.

5. these phenomenon may account for up to 20% of spinal strokes.

6 There is now an established diagnosis protocol which should be observed in A & E before cauda equina or other potential diagnoses become dominant theories.

7. the full detailed physical history for 3 months prior to onset should be very carefully considered in diagnosis.