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Thread: well now almost 4 years after the hysterectomy my right ovary has to go

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    Smashms, it sounds like you have all your ducks in a row and that your medical support people are 'at the ready'. I was terribly anemic before my surgery and had to receive shots of depo-provera to stop the bleeding. It took me a couple of months on depo-provera to have time to build up my blood count high enough for surgery. Let me tell you, that depo-provera wrecked havoc on my hormones. If I'd been a cat, I would have been climbing the curtains! But to keep my insurance, I had to keep working my full-time customer service job, through it all. But right after I woke up from surgery, the world was wonderful again. That huge, miserable 'lump' was gone and I felt genuinely happy and relaxed. No, not just from the 'good stuff' that my doctor said she was giving me. (Smiles) I hope you will have the same great results.
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    well for some reason it isn't allowing me to edit the title of the thread to say updated but anyhow surgery is done and went well, they took my right ovary out still have the left one but they removed a cyst from it. he said the right ovary was very bad lots of cysts and lots of scar tissue that he removed. plan was to go home tonight but the pain is not under control yet so i am staying overnight. he said it was a mess in there and he removed as much as he could. the cysts were all filled with fluid and blood clots. he sent all of them for pathology.
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    Glad to hear the surgery went well, and hoping your pain is under better control at this point. When will the path reports come back?
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    hopefully within the next week or so. for not being able to feel much i am in a surprising amount of pain. i guess i can feel more than i thought or the feeling has come back over the years. all in all just glad to have it behind me now still a bit worried as he did say the one on the left ovary was endometriosis so a very high possibility of being maglinant. i go back to him on jan 5, he was also able to do it laparoscopically and robotically which he said he didn't think would happen. so the recovery should be much less. and best part no stitches or staples they actually glued the incisions closed. oh and i came home yesterday probably a bit too early but i wanted to get out of there. i can recover at home.
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    Ah, the joys of SCI - we're devoid of sensation EXCEPT for pain!

    I'm glad you're home, it helps to be in familiar surroundings where routines are in place. It's amazing that the doctor was able to accomplish so much laparoscopically/robotically - and without stiches! Wow. Wish you didn't have to wait so long to learn what the path reports say...I thought they might do a frozen section during surgery, but guess not. Hope the time will go quickly between now and your appointment Jan 5, and that in the meantime you'll be able to get some good sleep. That's one thing you definitely can't do in the hospital!
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    he did say the day after surgery that from what he saw be thought everything was benign so that is good news but he sent everything to pathology to be sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smashms View Post
    he did say the day after surgery that from what he saw be thought everything was benign so that is good news but he sent everything to pathology to be sure.
    Oh good, I'm glad he thought that everything was benign. It's still crazy-making to wait for path reports, but doctors usually dont make declarative statements like that unless they're pretty darned sure.
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    The first time I went to lift myself at home - four days after surgery - my gawd the pain! Take care.
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    Just a check in. Um forgot I posted, a little post op meds/mind boggle maybe. I am doing well. Three days after I was doing limited walking around house. (no not a miracle, I am walking SCI ) Anyway, I continued just light walking for several days. I upped walking the 4th day and went the gym and walked 15 minutes in the back room, ran some errands, did some christmas baking. Ok , so over did that day and put me back in bed for two days. So eased back. Walked another day around the gym for 20 min but did nothing else except make dinner. Took it easy mostly the first two weeks. LIght house stuff, dishes, limited laundry, light walking. 19 Days out back on eliptical for 30 minutes, feel good, no pain, no soreness. DO have some weird feeling on right side, but not discomfort, more just things moving? if that makes sense. Yesterday was three weeks out. This week I did the eliptical three days 30 min 30 min and them 40 min and I started back with my personal trainer with some light weight lifting exercises in a seated position for upper body. No abdominal stuff, or core stuff or lower body yet. have to wait til the 4th for the all clear on that. But I feel good and good energy/revovery at this point. Unfortunately, my pathology is a different story. It isnt looking good and am concerned with some findings. Nothing confirmed yet, but not what I was hoping for.

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    Abnormal pathology of what? Uterus? Fallopian tubes? Ovary removed? Ovary remaining? Have you talked to your surgeon or oncologist about the results?


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