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Thread: Advice on Finding a alternating air mattress - Central NJ

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    Advice on Finding a alternating air mattress - Central NJ

    hi all I'm a I am a C-5 -C-7 quadriplegic looking to get a new bed to replace my invacare alternating pressure or low air loss mattress and bed pump. I live in central New Jersey and I don't know how to go about getting a new bed. I really do not want to have to go through the vendor to spend $10,000 on a bed that you can get for $2000 to $3000 on the Internet. The only problem I am not sure how to deal with is not knowing which bed to get. The local medical supplier/vendor I deal with Cherry Hill medical does not do beds. And I know if you buy something online most of the places you deal with will not take the bed back if you do not like it for hygienic reasons I guess they say. If anyone lives in Central New Jersey and deals with a vendor or has a solution on how I can try a bed without buying it and being stuck with it please let me know. I Don't want a loud bed and I am not sure which one I want exactly?? Anyway, Thanks in advance.

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    Are you looking to replace function for function of your current bed? What would you change in your current bed, if you were to replace it with a new one?

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    i would like it to be quieter if possible but its been good by way of pressure sore prevention but just comfortable and quiet i guess not sure what my options would be. i totally forgot to put the model number let me get someone to dig it up.

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    Alternating pressure overlays or mattresses really do not have good scientific evidence for being better for your skin than a LAL pressure reducing mattress. LAL also does much more to manage moisture, if that is a factor in your problems with skin breakdown.

    What mattress are you using now? Why are you planning to replace it?


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    Try the Medical Goodwill in Trenton, about a 40 minute ride from Cherry Hill:

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    AH-HA! I found the model number! Okay it's a recoverecare model: Al1sa2 --- serial: Rs3080
    it's an actual mattress not just an overlay which I know I definitely want a full mattress not just an overlay. I found this bed which the pump and bed looks very similar it's just branded differently. I just need to check the dimensions on my bed as to the height width and height.
    i know you can have different sizes.

    Recovercare went out of business but I'm sure they just buy the beds and put their brand on it. I've had it for 12 1/2 years and it's been running nonstop for the past 3 to 4 years since I've been bedridden and then just pretty much at night before that. It's Sagging in the middle little bit which I know was probably causing some of my back pain. I'm thinking of getting just the same type bed since this is worked so far with absolutely no problems and no pressure sores. My only complaint is the little bit of noise from the pump running And I hear Air leaking out which it is supposed to leak out slowly and controlled With several holes in the bed it just sounds like the holes are leaking more or a more loudly. I believe this is called a low air loss mattress? At least that's what it looks like From what I see on the Internet.

    This is only one place I looked I was wondering if anyone else had any dealings with somebody Else? Also I saw this one and was wondering if anyone knew about it?

    sorry it's taking so long to get back to the forum thanks for the advice so far

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    The advantage of going through a good DME is that they have 24/7 emergency service in case your mattress has a major problem. You do not have that with an online purchase. However if you can use your current mattress as a backup you may be okay. Noise is relative thing. I have only heard about 6 brands and none were completely quiet. Also, insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare will pay for these if you meet their criteria. Are you using the mattress because of a wound or are you using it for prevention?
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    I have no problem with not getting it from a DME because my dad fixes everything anyway. Most of the time they have no clue what or how to fix anything that can be fixed. They have said things Were not Able to be repaired and my father shows them you can just do this this and this and they are Taken back realizing that oh yeah it can be fixed. Anyway that's not an issue so that being said online purchases are okay in my book. As for the noise I know what you mean it's hard to judge what they're going to Sound like and most online vendors Will not take stuff back. Even a medical vendor in the area most of the time won't take certain items back because of hygienic issues. The one vendor I deal with doesn't do beds but I will look into the one someone mentioned. Any other advice from anyone?

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    Make sure it has a firm up mode to use when dressing, transferring, receiving care, etc.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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