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Thread: Renting a wheelchair accessible bus

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    Renting a wheelchair accessible bus

    One organization from a different country would like to visit East or West side of the U.S.A. with 6~8 people in a wheelchair. Is there any place that has a bus for more than 2 people in a wheelchair?
    I called a few places on-line, but it seems 2 people in a wheelchair per a bus seems only available option. Any input will be appreciated.

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    Just as a back-up plan, many cities have great mass transit systems that are accessible. For example, Washington, DC, New York City. I'm not familiar enough with traveling anymore so perhaps this can be explored as an option.
    Maybe try contacting a disability related organization in NYC to discuss: NYC chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association. (

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    Thank you. I sent an email to after reading your reply.

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    I don't know of any companies that rent accessible vans or buses that have wheelchair tie downs for more than 2 people. If some people can transfer from their chair (after using the lift) to a bench seat, that might work.

    Most buses that can accommodate larger number of wheelchairs are owned by disability organizations, schools, or large rehab centers. You might be able to find one of these organizations that would be willing to rent to this group if their travel is during a time when the bus is not being used by the organization (such as during summer vacation for a school bus). Many will not be willing to do this for liability reasons though.


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    Hi JK. An organizaion I was affiliated with in Arizona a few years back, Arizona Spinal Cord Association, has wc accessible transit vans which are used for field trips, conference transportation, etc. I don't know the liability issues but it wouldn't hurt to ask. I believe the vans are equipped to carry several chairs, plus inds who can transfer to seats. I suggest going to the website ( sorry can't figure out how to post link w this format), and contacting either Don Price or Gary Ven John (President and Vice President, respectively) re using the vans. Both are SCI and nice guys to boot. Best of luck!

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    Is this the website address you are looking for:

    It is very easy to post a website address here. Just go to the website, then the address bar at the top of the screen. Highlight the address, do a copy. Then come to Care Cure Community and paste the address or link into a post. When you post your reply, the address/link will show up in your post as a hot link.

    All the best,

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    Thanks GJ.

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    Try a school bus company in the area you are traveling.

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    A friend of mine has recently bought a small bus and has become an Uber driver. (She says when she gets a ramp, she'll come pick me up!) Her bus seats maybe two wheelchairs? But here's the link to uber.ACCESS. I'm in Texas, and the link is for Texas...still, you might call to see what they offer.
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