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Thread: Best device for hospital use

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    Best device for hospital use

    Can anyone advise me on the best thing to get to be able to be somewhat technically functional, fully by voice, in the hospital short-term?

    = Most important to me is to be able to dictate things that I then will be able to upload to my computer easily.
    = It might then be nice to also be able to hook into the hospital Wi-Fi.
    = If I manage that, then it might be nice to have something on a stand that I can see (because I can?t really hold my phone).
    = But I want it to be something cheap that I don?t fear getting stolen.
    = It has to be full of voice operable ? like it?s lying next to me and I just can talk to it.

    1. Figuring out how to email myself from my Motorola Moto X might solve everything, but I haven?t yet figured that out. I know I have promised to share what I have figured out, which I will do, but if anyone already knows how I can open an email from there and dictate to it and send it, I would appreciate learning.

    2. Would a tablet like device be better? Or something that looks like a Surface Pro, with the stand?

    Sorry, I?m getting lost in the weeds. Can anyone see what I need and offer suggestions? The main point is full voice function, and dictating text that I easily can export somehow.
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