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Thread: Spinergy SPOX hubs with 12mm axles for free

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    Spinergy SPOX hubs with 12mm axles for free

    I have a pair of unused silver Spinergy SPOX hubs with 12mm axles. Axles are included. These hubs are made for use with eighteen PBO spokes.

    I bought a Helium standing wheelchair, made in France, and it came with these. So my wheels could be interchangeable between chairs, I replaced the hubs with the 1/2 inch version. I have no use for these 12mm hubs and would like to give them to someone who can use them. I'd rather they not go to someone who will simply resell, though I obviously will have to rely on the recipient being honest with me.

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    You couldn't find 1//2" bearings that fit those hubs?

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    pm sent

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    I've found a home for the hubs.

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