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Thread: cranactin vs. cranberry juice vs. other cranberry pills

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    cranactin vs. cranberry juice vs. other cranberry pills

    Cranactin claims to be the first cranberry supplement guaranteed to contain the cranberry's antiadherance activity. is it the ONLY one, or have other (less expensive) ones been produced as well? I'm willing to buy Cranactin if it's the best option but wanted to see if there are others.

    also, is it just as effective to drink straight, unsweetened cranberry juice?
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    Recent studies indicate that there is probably NO benefit to the use of cranberries in any form for the prevention of UTIs:


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Recent studies indicate that there is probably NO benefit to the use of cranberries in any form for the prevention of UTIs:

    My urologist has said that for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 47+years View Post
    My urologist has said that for years.
    That was what my urologist concluded in the 1960s. The best that can be said is that cranberries do not cause UTIs and contains a number of vitamins. However, most of the juices on store shelves have a significant amount of sugar that has been added to make it drinkable. Apple juice is often used to dilute it. Pure cranberry juice is not the most pleasant thing.
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    I'm in the process of re-thinking everything I take.

    After three hospitalizations in one year for cellulitis my infectious disease physician put me on a daily prophylactic penicillin. However, with no recurrence after one year we decided the tissues have had a good period to recover and that it was up to me to discontinue and see what happens, which I did, rather than be on it for the rest of my life. So far so good after five months.

    Ditto for senna. Stopped that with no adverse bowel problems versus the potential for eventual bowel laxity on senna.

    Now I'm thinking about dropping the cranberry pills I take. However, the study's results were based on a certain dosage of the active cranberry agent. I would think to definitively rule out the possible beneficial effects of cranberry one would need to find out whether the results would be similar at a higher dose.

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    Crags how long were you on senna ?

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    I still take cranberry pills but honestly don't know if they do any good or not. Good source of Vit C, I suppose. The change that drastically reduced UTI's for me was switching to a hydrophilic catheter from a gel lubricated type. That's for those that IC, obviously.

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