Hi all,

We've been working on an adaptive all-terrain vehicle for the past 3 years, since our Kickstarter campaign that was initiated in the spring of 2014. The initial and primary goal was to develop a bike that quadriplegic riders can pilot. We worked with Chris Wenner out of Tucson, AZ to develop the controls, and then we designed a full suspension, long range electric vehicle platform to support a wide variety of adaptations. Chris was the impetus behind the project, he reached out to us in late 2013 to ask us if we'd partner with him to bring a bike to production that quads can ride.

We recently finished the first production Outrider Horizon 220T and it's currently in route to its owner in Ireland, which was a huge landmark for us. Here are some photos of that setup:

Here are some photos that show how the controls work:

We're working with UC Davis and UNCA to develop hand joystick and chin-joystick (quadstick) controls. We're also internally finishing development work on our handcycle configuration.

The overall idea is to create a super-modular platform (on and offroad versions) that users can customize for a wide variety of body types/disabilities (single sided controls, joysticks, handcycle, leg power, remote controls, gyro controls, etc) and applications (hunting without range limitations, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, cross country touring, overlanding with solar charging capability, commuting with the ability to keep up with the flow of traffic, etc). We also worked hard to eliminate the limitations that are often a stumbling block with electric vehicles (range, speed, power, charge times). Our vehicles can now be configured for over 100 miles of range, up to 45 mph in some configurations, up to 6 horsepower, and charge times at less than an hour per pack on a standard 110V outlet.

Here's a video of the Horizon (leg power configuration) in action:

We just did a great trail ride with Johnny (para) and Justin (incomp. quad) riding the Horizons, we'll post that video after the editing is done.

We are a small company (5 people) and we welcome your feedback. We never want to do development work in a vacuum. I hope this thread is a place where you can share what you'd love to see developed, and offer feedback on what's already been developed, and also play a role in current development, and share your experience with our vehicles.

Thanks for reading!

Tommy and the Outrider USA Team