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Thread: I need a Cushion to use in a hot tub

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    Get a Jay Protector or an All Rounder. I use a Protector in my hot tub, works great. I would like to try the All Rounder, but not in my budget. Put some anti slip things (I have Mickey mouse and yellow ducks) on the bottom of the tub where you will sit or you slide around too much.
    I built a plywood step to get my chair a few inches higher, for getting in and out.
    Don't have the temp about 102 F and don't stay in more than 20 minutes. It can cook you. Start out with short time and work your way up. The hot water sucks a lot on energy out of you.
    Be VERY careful getting in and out. Some one to help you. It will take at least 2 or three girls and they can't wear clothes, cause you might get them wet Its slippery and you can go under water quiet easily. Get a good grip on the ladies handles. Don't panic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WC_Sage View Post
    The thermoplastic-urethane-based Stimulite cushions are ideal for wet environments and complete submersion in water, provided that the water temperature does not exceed 145 degrees and that no chlorine or bleach is in the water (aside from the amounts that may exist in typical city water supplies). The Silver Stimulite model - due to its lower cost and thickness compared to the other models - is a good model for hot tub use.

    If you exceed 145 F I think the cushion will be the least of your problems...
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    I use a gallon size ziplock bag and fill it enough water so I don't bottom out then bleed off any air from the bag.

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    I would say stay out of it. Extended exposure to the water is not good. The high temperature is not good for us. The risk of skin injury is not good. The potential for bacteria getting into an opening is high, exposing you to the possibility of skin infections, such as cellulitis.

    Just remember the situation a few years back when a few folks with SCI and heated car seats wound up with extremely bad second-degree Burns in their ass, requiring emergency care and the next several months out of the chair to heal it up.

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    I would try a wondergel like this available at bedbathandbeyond.

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    I use this cushion in my hot tub. Only bad thing I have to say is that once in the water it can get heavy and would be a pain to remove and dry after each use. Works great for me and I just leave it in there all the time. It may fall apart some day but its been good for a year so far.

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    I vote for the Stimulite Silver.
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