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    Kitchen Design

    Excellent site - I printed out the info in case my landlord gets po'd abut the temporary ramp my Dad installed to I could get to my car from my deck - the carport door is totaly inacessable, so that the other works well - it's screwed in with 3 1/2 inch long screws - no real damage, and the deck needs repair/replacing anyway, so I hope he's ok with it.

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    How to manage or design kitchen??

    Hi all of you.

    May be we will be buying other house. and i really want my kitchen fully accessiable for me ...let it be fridge or sink or cabinets..

    I searched on net useful information but would be great if someone could really give me with tips or photos of their kitchen...Help me out with design and most imp photographs.

    I dont know whether food section will give me replies much or not..Moderator please kindly shift to life forum if needed

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