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Thread: Supra Tube Stuck

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    Supra Tube Stuck

    I had a cystoscopy done about 6 weeks ago and went to change the tube but it doesn't want to budge. Since it's a holiday weekend my Urologist's office is closed. I'm not that particularly concerned other than we cut the fill port of the catheter to make sure there wasn't any remaining water in the balloon, holding the catheter in. The catheter seems to be draining fine at the moment. I've got the tube taped to my abdomen just in case it decides to break free. Is this an event where I should go to the ER, or just wait until Monday and contact the Urologist's office?

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    You withdrew all the fluid or cut side port? The best technique is to keep about 1 to 2 Mls in balloon then push tube in and turn to the right, then deflate totally and it usually comes out. All the dr wi do is deflate and pull hard. The ballon has ridges on it and gets lodged or stuck on bladder wall. Cwo

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    Thanks for the quick response, CWO.

    Yes, we cut the side port so there's no way to refill the balloon now. We did try pushing the tube in and rotating, a couple times, to no avail. So do you think it's okay to wait until Monday, or should I go get it taken care of in the ER? I'd rather just wait since its draining well, and I don't think the tube is going to just come out.

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    As long as draining well and no issues, you can wait.

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    Thanks again CWO, yes, it's still draining ok. We tried giving it a tug again this morning and it still didn't want to move.

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    Hi "Rustyjames,"
    Did you get this resolved? Any indication from the doctor why the catheter was "stuck?"

    All the best,

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    Hi gjnl,

    Yes, I went after the weekend to my urologists office and the nurse there just gave it a tug and out it came. She said it was the type of catheter, and that she's had it happen before. We were concerned because it never was a problem, the catheter just slipped right out. I figured as long as it was still draining it would be best going to the uro, rather than the ER.

    Thanks for the follow up.

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    Curious what brand of catheter it was?

    Have you tried the Poiesis Duette catheter?

    All the best,

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    don't know what brand catheter they used. They were copper colored, flimsy and would easily kink. It was the same catheter that was installed when I had the SP procedure done in the hospital. At the office She installed a Bardia which I've been using since my SCI. I even used that as a Foley for almost 10 years, until I had the SP procedure done.

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    What lubricant was used to place the catheter in ???

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