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Thread: Confused about bloated bowel

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    Confused about bloated bowel

    Usually I maintained an usual routine using daily at night with Glycerine suppopitory.
    Last days I feel bloated all day long with a lot of spasms even though my stomach is empty.
    Anyone knows what might cause this ?
    My routine contains 15 minutes wait on the suppository to do its work and dig stimulation to remove whats left.
    Might be a problem if used daily ? Any share of experience would be helpful.

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    Diet related? Too much Thanksgiving food? Consistency of stool? More lumps, dryness?- consider stool softener. Might need a little tweaking during these holiday periods. I would recommend doing bowel program daily until resolved. If continues, Glycerin is pretty mild. Most use Bisacodyl or Enemeez (more natural)A UTI or other "irritation" can cause increased spasms.

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