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Thread: Remote Control/Wireless Thermostat

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    Remote Control/Wireless Thermostat

    I recently had four remote controlled thermostats installed in my house. They are great for someone like me who likes to have the temperature in a comfortable range (Warm). Now I can change or check the temperature in my house from anywhere in the world using any smart phone, tablet or computer. Or if I'm laying in bed and find it cold I can simply pick up my smart phone and increase the temperature in five seconds. If we are coming back from the movies, shopping, a restaurant, etc., I can turn the heat on in the house so I won't freeze my balls off once I come home. On vacation..... just pick up your smart phone and check out the temperature inside the house. You can also hook these devices up to HVAC systems. Just thought I'd let people know because I have found it to be a great little piece of equipment. They run anywhere from $100-$250 each. Easy installation too. I live in Massachusetts and if you go through Mass Save, they will install them for free and the thermostats are 50% off. I bought the Building 36 wireless thermostat and they were only $50 each.
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    we have been thinking of replacing our thermostat wuth a smart unit. did you look at the nest brand? rep
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    Hey Fu, I did not really look at the Nest brand thermostat but I know it gets great reviews from people who have bought them. Through the program in Massachusetts they offered three choices for remote control wireless thermostats with a discount and the Nest was not one of them. I don't need one with all the bells and whistles. I basically just wanted to control the temperature in the house when I was away or stuck in bed. For $50 the Buiilding 36 thermostat is fine for my needs. I just read that the Nest thermostat works with the Amazon Alexa if you are really into remote controlling your whole house. It's tough to keep up with technology. It seems shortly after you buy something there is always an upgrade, something better, something newer, smaller, faster and cheaper out there. Here are a couple of short articles on remote control wireless thermostats. You live in Ohio right? Do you think the Cleveland Browns will win any games this year at all?
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    We have nest and its amazing plus it saves money to because its more efficient that the old school thermostats.

    Its nice I can set it from our kitchen iPad, from my cell phone before we get home, or in bed if it gets to cold or hot.

    It has a senor that can tell when there is no activity in the house so it can set the temp lower in winter when your not home.

    We bought off eBay new gen 3 and saved $60+

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    I have had the 3M Filtrete wifi thermostat for 3 plus years now and it was one of the best things i've invested in.

    I do not know about much savings for me because I use it for comfort as the focus of my usage.

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    I use nest thermostats and you can link them up to Amazon Echo Dots. It is great, you don't even have to get up, you can just say "Alexa bedroom temperature 72 degrees" and it changes the temp. I have my lights hooked up as well.

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    I use the Ecobee3, which can be controlled by the Amazon Echo.

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    Most WIfI Thermostats require a "c" wire. So take your thermostat off the wall and see if you have a wire running to the c terminal. If not, you'll need an HVAC guy or handy friend to fish one through for you from your T-stat to your furnace. Honeywell has one that does not need a c wire. Great feature to have.

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    I went with the ecobee3 also. The sensors help maintain desired temperatures in occupied rooms. My only complaint is that the wifi range from the thermostat to the wifi sensors is only about 50ft. My farthest sensor keeps dropping. Of course it would have made more sense if they placed the thermostat in the middle of the house instead of at one end right under the air return.
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    24/7, do you think a range extender or repeater would help you out?

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