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Thread: Deserved what you got!

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    An eye for an eye. Hmm.

    Is this what humanity has come to...Where is compassion, understanding. Stuff happens in life...pick your battles...but was this one???

    This old man really did nothing to you, except some trash talk (probably because of dementia or some other condition of age), but you could sit blithely by while he could have been badly hurt. Yah! That is quite a better story to tell. Sorry, I just don't get it.

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    Are you kidding??

    There are real people out there that literally hate the disabled for whatever reason. Great story.
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    I wouldn't expect you to 'get' much, gjnl. You, the both of you, have never shown us anything that we could describe as intelligent thought, behavior, input or discussion. When your single most important interest is to indulge in your own self-righteous displays, of which you are both the pinnacle example of, your shared mind becomes so narrowed and focused on your impulse to inject your intolerant opinions at every opportunity, your ability to perceive anything other than your self-importance greatly diminishes your capacity to comprehend what doesn't involve you. You should be sorry.

    All the best,

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    A non action is different than throwing something at someone. I would have done exactly the same thing and done nothing, but later felt a little guilty. I once had a middle school, it was junior high then, who would ridicule the heck out of me in front of the class on a regular basis. I swear if he had stepped out in front of a speeding truck I would not have said a word.
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    I guess I don't get it. You "NorthQuad" did nothing good or bad! Because you may or may not have been able to prevent a fall means nothing. I would guess the rest of the folks there were simply thinking you might say something and justifiably so. Because of this guy's remarks to you, somehow he got his just "deserts" at least that is my opinion.

    A While back while sitting in a breakfast area at an Airport motel several very well dressed businessmen were also eating breakfast there. One of these dudes made a remark some of the human race should know to just die off he was looking directly at me while making his remark. Yes ! I was sitting in my power chair, And YES, I am now an older looking guy, that's because I am getting older 77 now perhaps 75 then. I did not make any sort of contact with him, or get in his way. I am not generally paranoid about such remarks. This one just got under my craw. There are a lot of those "mean" people out there. And without any help these mean folks often do get into difficulties "like falling on their face" You were just fortunate enough to be witness to that moment of self made difficulty, you didn't make it happen, or not happen.

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