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Thread: Welcome Apparelyzed Members!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snodrog742 View Post
    I'd be interested in the files. I run a site with the same exact software and have 10+ years experience with forums. I'm willing to be it's password-protected archive somehow but would still be interested in taking a look. Additionally, it most likely does not have the databases but again, interested. Shoot me a PM sometime!
    If you are conversant with vbulletin you will know that the data is stored in mysqpl tables and it is highly unlikely that the table data can be exported via the web, you'd need to have a connection to the sql database. It is highly unlikely that you could restore it but if you had the files mentioned above it might be possible to host and allow others to view which would be useful. Ownership of the info is a difficult one, did the site owner have specific terms where he, as publisher acquired the rights or did individual members retain the rights. It would be an impossible task to contact every member.

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    Hi, I was an apparelyzed forum member and so disappointed to see it gone. I'm searching for a similar forum/community/support and hope this one can fill the void. I wasn't super active on it, but posted time to time when I was in desperate need for help and support and apparelyzed folks ALWAYS came thru - members were so kind, supportive and I never once encountered anything nasty. You guys are awesome!

    So, just saying Hi and I'll be back - I've got some whopper issues (online dating -#$^@@^! has anyone succeeded with that!) and some ideas I'd love feedback on. AND people always tell me I'm a good listener w/ supportive ideas so.......

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    Welcome Larryandka, it would be helpful if you could add your location (country, region, state, etc.) to your profile in addition to the information you have there already on you level of injury, etc.


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    i'm shock, too
    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    Is this for real ?

    Anybody have any details ?

    It seemed to be running so well !!

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    did anyone find out what happened since it never re-incarnated elsewhere like I thought it would ( merged into Airbnb etc) and Simon put a lot of work into it and I had a link swap with him. Hope Simon is doing well and any news would be appreciated. Aloha Bruce

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    I still miss that place. Learned so much from posters there and it was an invaluable resource in the early days of my SCI. I see that the Facebook page also disappeared. I?m sure Simon had his reasons but I?m still really disappointed and saddened at the way the site was closed down.

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