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I'd be interested in the files. I run a site with the same exact software and have 10+ years experience with forums. I'm willing to be it's password-protected archive somehow but would still be interested in taking a look. Additionally, it most likely does not have the databases but again, interested. Shoot me a PM sometime!
If you are conversant with vbulletin you will know that the data is stored in mysqpl tables and it is highly unlikely that the table data can be exported via the web, you'd need to have a connection to the sql database. It is highly unlikely that you could restore it but if you had the files mentioned above it might be possible to host and allow others to view which would be useful. Ownership of the info is a difficult one, did the site owner have specific terms where he, as publisher acquired the rights or did individual members retain the rights. It would be an impossible task to contact every member.