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    Tin Man, this quote is from their FAQ page....

    "With an interactive touch screen, users can set the resistance different for each arm or the same for both arms. If you have one arm that is weaker, you can lower the resistance as you slowly build muscle strength while still working the other arm at an appropriate resistance level."

    And on the Product Features page, it states the following...

    "An interactive screen allows you to set your resistance differently for each arm or to link the arms for the same resistance."

    When they say "link the arms", though, I'm not sure if that truly means that the two sides are linked in the sense that one arm can assist the other. They have a 'contact us' form on their web site, so maybe you could check with them to get a definitive answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    This new model looks great! I like the feature allowing to pull both arms back and forth at the same time.

    I have the old model. I really want this new one!
    Agreed ... I really want the new one too! I do strength training now with free weights, but I really need something for a good cardio workout and this looks like it will not only fit the bill for that but it will assist with strength training as well!!
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    They need more videos and photos on their website. With multiple chair and people types and sizes.

    That would help people answer questions for themselves. Size, fit, function.

    I might have to sell some stuff and purchase one of these.

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