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Thread: Does anyone program mobile apps? How to get started, using voice recognition?

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    Does anyone program mobile apps? How to get started, using voice recognition?

    I've been wanting to build a couple of apps I have in mind, and decided that would be my project for next year. But now that I'm seriously looking into how to code for Android and iOS, it looks like there will be trouble doing it with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

    I thought I would begin with iOS, but it looks like you need a Mac computer, and I don't know the state of voice recognition on Macs. (Plus, buying an entirely new computer? I don't think I can do that?) I've heard there are emulators, or that you could boot Windows, but I have no experience running NaturallySpeaking under those conditions.

    So then I thought it would be better to start with Android, but once I started looking into some courses discovered that you need to use Java to program for Android, and NaturallySpeaking apparently doesn't work with Java.

    Has anyone accomplished this?

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    There is a move to hosting apps on big iron and deploying them via HTML 5 to the web browser which smartphones have.

    Apple still provides Pages, Numbers and Key Note so you can work offline. Google Doc, Sheets, etc. require network access.

    Microsoft Office files are truly massive and pushing updated versions via mobile is expensive. The HTML 5 approach they only send the screen that you are looking at.

    Java sucks. The reason is that it is Object Orientated which encourages re-purposing of code to do something else. This bad for both security and battery life.

    The best software just does one thing, does it well and does nothing else.

    OO may do that thing and a lot of other things that you do not know about.

    Write it in C and GDK Broadway?

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    Do not worry about putting it into a compiler ready application. What you need to do is write the logic in a wordprocessor and then find a 4GL compiler and let it crunch up your logic flow. and I'm sure nowadays you should be a correct bugs wordprocessor.

    I'm sure if you call the local college or university, They will direct you to the right application.

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