just came back from ohio fell in lve with my grandson my daughter in law I made sure in the past 5 years to hold my tongue and get along but she pissed me off trade a filly I had bought and have paide feed vet etc for the last 18 months

she decide never be sound told me and trade her for a fricking yearling did not say anything but it rankled she wanted to sell her mare or Winnie a 5 year so I told a friend that sells internationally aND TOLD HER the little maintane one and
that she would have to talk to Kelly on them but then I get a phone call from son tells me to not say a word to any one about the horses leave the selling too hher we got into it hung up me I am pissed I unfriend her and selveral others

but I am stiil getting pictures ofmy grandson and videos 2 day ater I get a nasty email from her and no more pictures videos nada for a week my som and I run our business together by im's we both share email work address

he is barely talking except needed I want to ask but dam it she does not work never has son and I have a successful business together but I would like atleast pictures but damn if I think I need to grovel

just had to rant they live in oh I live in fl oh well and I rode horses and know a little bit about like 40plus years
thanks for listening he is a cute little guy