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Thread: My successful solo colonoscopy prep

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    My successful solo colonoscopy prep

    I had a colonoscopy last Monday. Went very smoothly. Doc said I had the cleanest colon he'd ever seen.

    I did the prep at home by myself, unassisted. I think there were several keys to my success. For starters, in the days leading up to the procedure it's important to be on a "low residue" diet. I limited my meals exclusively to Raw Meal smoothies mixed with almond milk. High protein and effortless to digest. On the 2 nights before official prep day, I took Milk of Magnesia at bedtime. For many years now I've been using the Coloplast Peristeen transanal irrigation for my daily bowel program to great result. On the "official" prep day (Sunday), I had one Raw Meal smoothie in the morning and then stopped eating until after the procedure was completed. I used MoviPrep to empty my colon -- split PM/AM doses as directed. I mixed the powder with Lemonade Gatorade and the taste, honestly, was not at all terrible.

    I was expecting Montezuma's Revenge when I got onto the toilet, but it was more like Montezuma's half-a-grudge. After a few hours on the bowl, and when I felt it was safe to transfer back into my chair, I took a shower. I had purchased a 36" long silicone enema tube which I snaked up my butt (pretty much all the way) to drain any of the excess fluid in my colon. There wasn't a lot.

    I went to bed with lots of underpads and to my astonishment and relief I had no discharge -- I remained dry. At 5AM on the morning of the procedure, I drank the second quart of MoviPrep and went through the identical steps. I suspected that I was pretty much thoroughly cleaned out from the first quart the night before as I didn't have a lot of "success." Back into to shower and another round with the enema tube.

    That's pretty much the whole story. I hope my experience may prove helpful to someone at some point.

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    Good to know. Thank you.
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    Wow! Really good input! Thanks!!

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    Excellent! Good luck with the results!!!

    I also stop eating if I have to have a procedure like that or surgery ... I start limiting four days ahead, then just water for two days.
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    Steverino, it's good to see you're finally moving away from inserting unsanitary items up your butt. I never thought those hamsters, kielbasas, vintage Coke bottles and toads were healthy for your colon. Hope this helps.
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