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Thread: Intrathecal Drug Delivery Pump for Pain Control

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    wonder how your doing, either very bad since you haven't been back, or your doing great and are busy doing things you couldn't do when you had all the pain
    cauda equina

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    paraparajumper's last visit to CC was on 9/16.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    i have my pump implanted in march and almost every month we try and fine tune it, this was expected. I did have a lot of pain the first month and i was told to expect this and take the oral meds prescribed.. I was told to stop the methadone on the day the pump was implanted, 40mg a day,, i did that without any noticeable problem. I was nauseous and throwing up for the first couple months, took the morphine out of the pump and started hydromorphone , no problems since.
    i was giving a Rx for Narcan and told to carry it on me ,, i havent found a way to carry it and be accessible yet, need a back pack with an extra pocket
    cauda equina

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    Did you get the metronic pump with the bolus feature?

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    no I have the flowonix pump with bolus, allegedly it has better basil dosing, more accurate dosing
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    I have been in worse pain since the pump was placed. We've titrated 4 times now. If something doesn't change very soon I want the pump removed.

    I'm getting fed up with my life. Absolutely sick of it.

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    cool thanks for the heads up. I have to have another surgery and put in a new pump in 8 months. The battery is about dead so that's why I am asking questions.

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    Parajumper that's weird sorry to hear man. Curious what medication are they administering through the pump. I have hydromorphone in mine.

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    paraparajumper ,Sorry to hear this, i would think something has to be wrong with the pump if it isnt working on your pain, like the actually pump mechanism isn't putting out the correct dose. You have oral opioids to take right ?

    what med is in your pump? i also have hydromorphone, i had nausea and puking with the morphine so was changed to the hydromorphone, the pain control with the morphine worked pretty well. the control with the hydromorphone is very good

    paraparajumper Aren't you taking oral opioid meds while the pump is getting to the right dose? I was the whole time and still take and carry oral hydromorphone, plus i still take lyrica . I just had my pump filled and reprogrammed with a different level this week, they made sure i had enough oral hydromorphone to get through the first 56 hours after reprogramming, because the pump bolus is locked out for those hours and the medicine in the 1 meter long catheter going to my spine will get pumped under the new stronger concentration , but smaller dosage., therefore i will be getting less medicine via the pump and will need the oral hydromorphone to manage the pain for those 56 hours .
    For a long period the bolus were not covering my breakthrough pain and i had to take orals also, i made it 10 days without any orals opioids at this refill, so that was a very good sign. i'm a HALO jump failed
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