I am T3 with chronic pain in my mid-lower back and neuropathic pain in my chest area. I control it with a combination of drugs including butrans patch, tramadol pills, gabapentyn, celebrex, cymbalta and baclofen. None are at real high levels, but the mix gives me tolerable pain relief without making me sleepy or spacey. Problem is, its really not enough relief, especially later in the day after I have been in my chair for awhile. I reach a point where I don't want to move because it hurts. I work in an office and try to stay active, but am definitely slowed down by chronic pain, and am less active than I would like to be as a result.

I saw a specialist for other options and she recommended that i try "targeted drug delivery" using an intrathecal pump like is used for baclofen delivery. In my case, I would receive a very low dose of morphine.

Has anyone tried this? Did you find it to be helpful?

Here is a post for the Medtronic site describing it:


You are all awesome, Mark