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Thread: Intrathecal Drug Delivery Pump for Pain Control

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    Cool Intrathecal Drug Delivery Pump for Pain Control

    I am T3 with chronic pain in my mid-lower back and neuropathic pain in my chest area. I control it with a combination of drugs including butrans patch, tramadol pills, gabapentyn, celebrex, cymbalta and baclofen. None are at real high levels, but the mix gives me tolerable pain relief without making me sleepy or spacey. Problem is, its really not enough relief, especially later in the day after I have been in my chair for awhile. I reach a point where I don't want to move because it hurts. I work in an office and try to stay active, but am definitely slowed down by chronic pain, and am less active than I would like to be as a result.

    I saw a specialist for other options and she recommended that i try "targeted drug delivery" using an intrathecal pump like is used for baclofen delivery. In my case, I would receive a very low dose of morphine.

    Has anyone tried this? Did you find it to be helpful?

    Here is a post for the Medtronic site describing it:

    You are all awesome, Mark

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    Was hoping you'd get some replies by now!

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    I sent you a private message about my medtronic pump used for pain administer?

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    My doctor also wants me to try an intrathecal pain pump. Does anyone have any experience with them?

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    Someone recommended it to my Dad, who is on a similar mix of pain meds as you. His pain is also worse as the day goes on. He no longer works so he can also get off his butt when it's a bad day.

    The pump is just a little too invasive for him right now.

    Instead, he is trying TENS for those late in the day bad days, and will occasionally take another dose of hydrocodone in the later afternoon if things are getting bad.

    I'll also be following this thread.

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    I had the medtronic pump installed 4 years ago. It delivers baclofen for spasm's and Hydromorphone for pain. Chronic pain for 23 years secondary to T-10 sci. Took the Dr about 2 years to get the right dosage of hydromorphone to finally get some pain relief. At first they had me on morphine. Even though I told them Morphine doesn't work for me. After year and half no relief with Morphine. Told Dr. point blank change the medication or I am firing you. And going to a new pain dr. He changed to Hydromorphone and yes it's working. Went down from level of pain from a 10 now down to a 4. So yes it's been life changing for me. Took a while to get the right pain dosage but yeah I recommend it. The downside every 3 months. I have to go in and get my pump filled. Big needle into the right side of my stomach to fill it. Hope they get it in the first stick. The hole where they fill it is very small. One time it took 8 total sticks to hit the hole. Also the battery on the pump has a 5 year battery life. So in another year have to go into surgery. Remove the pump install new battery or an updated pump.

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    I'm on my second pump, Medtronics and it is the large industrial size :-). Mine is filled every 6 weeks. I'm used to the refill procedure, just the inconvenience factor is annoying.

    I an L1 incomplete with serious spasm problems, multiple pain modalities including Central Pain. I have Baclofen, Clonidine and Midazolam. Central Pain responds to nothing. The pump does help significantly with the spasms.

    The dosages are so low compared to oral meds it is much easier on my system, I could not tolerate the oral dosage to get the benefits I have. I also have a PTM that allows a certain number of boluses (extra dosage) per day.

    I think they're worth it. My doc uses me as a referral for it.


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    I'm on my fourth one. Without mine, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. My spasms are vicious without it. Had to have it removed for a month to clear an infectio and every little movement I made caused a huge spasm so I know for a fact that I wouldn't be able to get out of bed without one. Get the test injection, it helps a lot.. Check out this thread I started several years ago Called baclofen pump faq
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    I had an epidural morphine test injection of 1.5 mg once to see if it would help reduce my pains. All it did was make everything above my injury level (high C-5) itch.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Hey Rybred, How long did the batteries last? Before you had to replace the pump, that's why you had to replace it right? I got mine installed October 2012 and yes it's changed my life. MY spasms to bad. T-10 para, they would almost shake me out of my chair. Also so bad that i had a few accidents while driving.

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