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Thread: Got your "state disability registration permit" handy?

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    I have a document to use my powered wheelchair OR 4 wheeler, if "I" had one,to access, and for use on all the trails the NC State public hunting lands in NC. That includes Trails or roads where all but State vehicular traffic is prohibited. After all this rig is my legs. But there are always abusers of such places and regs made to level and equal as much as possible the public places we all have a right to go or use.

    Personally "I" can see reason why such a regulation might be enacted, There are many such regulations that have been enacted in relation to HP Hunting in many different States. Almost every one is related to someone abusing/ misusing a privilege in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Probably someone thought they knew something. Or have a grudge against 3 wheeled scooters driven by old people and lump in wheelchairs to the mix? At any rate, if they can quote electric bike statute but pull wheelchair and disabled 'regulations' out of their asses...whoever made those rules should be on the soon to seek other employment list. Just bad.
    x2 If someones stops you, I'd say "WelP, guess you get to carry me on yer back and take me home. Wonder how much a roll-back is going to cost the city to take my wheelchair home, I sure didn't realize I wasn't in uHHmeriKa anymore...WAIT, where's Toto?"

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    It seems a lot of the potential abuse could be dealt with by requiring that a person using trails in a wheelchair carry a placard already issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state, rather than requiring people to apply for yet another registration permit. This way, people from out of state could use their state's placard and use the trail legally. Most states allow a person with a handicapped license plate to apply for a placard to be used in another vehicle.

    All the best,

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    The wording of that rule just screams for a lawsuit...registered as disabled? Does that include a star to be sewn to your lapel also? And what is the penalty for being caught having to use a wheelchair on the trail? Like I said...someone really needs to be separated from that organization, lol.

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    I do see your point Andy, to qualify the user is supposed to require two crutches OR minus at least one leg (this from memory only). Now please understand this is only on some special trails or restricted to all vehicles except foot traffic. There are some special places where ONLY HP folks and one companion can utilize. I have had this certificate for quite a few years.

    This is hardly a generalized certificate. But quite specific.

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