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Thread: Sink you can actually pull all the way under?

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    I used the Kohler yin yang sink and had the drain run tight against the back wall.
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    i have standard height kichen and bathroom counters and sinks and can roll all way up under
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    Saw a lovely roll under sink in our hotel room and then thought, "Who had this bright idea?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by 47+years View Post
    Saw a lovely roll under sink in our hotel room and then thought, "Who had this bright idea?"
    Question: What were they thinking??? Answer: They weren't!!!

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    We 1st started looking at bar bathrooms, restaurants bathrooms and hotel wc bathrooms.

    We took the best of all and did our own...pulled out all the standard cabinets and sinks then bought a slab of granite cut to the right height and lenght and then the granite company put in a l shaped bracket and double enforced it because it has no legs.

    Found matching sinks and had a plummer come in and pipe it.

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    We had a local cabinet maker build this vanity, here is the Pinterest Link. As shown in the picture doors open and slide back into the cabinet when I need to use it. We used a Kohler Memoirs drop-in sink with a rear offset drain. By using a drop in sink we were able to increase my leg clearance underneath the basin while keeping the counter height reasonable for my wife's use as well.

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