What you describe as far as altering smart drive is what I would hope and and have asked Max mobility to consider that is offer another way to control verses the Blue tooth wristband which IMO is fatally flawed ... I would like to see a 2 or 3 speed and on/off switch so we can control the thing instead of always guessing what it's gonna do. it's a greal little invention but mine also mostly sits in garage as i can't control it and also haven't figured out how to attach it to my chair while still in my vehicle. May have to consider mini-van Thats on me but hopefully smart drive people are working on the controls as far as January innovation goes. Personally i would not buy one until I see what they are doing to improve wristband and Blue tooth just my opinion. They do respond when asked questions and want me to send in a video of it acting up not sure how to shoot the video but will try

[QUOTE=nonoise;1815508]If you called, you could pin them down politely asking if the rumor about Jan is true or not because you are about to spring for a new one.

As for my use,...it's a long story, I'll condense. I picked up a second one off Craigs and modified it removing the pc board and setting the battery aside, purchasing another lighter one. Then I added off the shelf e-bike controls such as on/off switch and a thumb speed control. Those and the battery are permanently mounted to my three wheel wheelchair. No more pushing on the handrims or stalling. Just turn it on and go. Steering is by slowing down and light rim hand brake on one side. It's been great. The only issue is extreme caution at startup as acceleration can be overwhelming.

So why stop? My condition is a degenerative one. When I started on CC I could self propel a chair with my feet and did not need a foot rest. Now my legs need a footrest and I cannot use that three wheeled chair as is. The way it's setup with the freewheel type caster and my long legs, I haven't figured a footrest method for it that I like. Sorry you asked yet?

In the interim I took up that offer here for the Iglide. It's probably too heavy for most uses without a lift, but doggone that chair is sweet. Did you try the Tailwind (Iglide)? I do need to fix up a better battery for this one somehow. I wish I had an old dead battery for one. I need an empty battery case for the connection and hanger.[/QUOTE