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Thread: Starting Over

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    Starting Over

    Had an accident on a holiday in July and well now I'm faced with the inevitable. "What do I do now?". I was in construction, going back to that is not an option. Always thought paras n quads got jobs with computers. I hate them to be honest. If I wasnt in construction I always thought I'd be in physical jobs. Not an option anymore. Kinda lost with no idea where to go. I'm in my 40s now. Got no idea.

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    What is your level of SCI? How complete? Where are you located? A more complete profile makes it easier to respond to your posts.

    I have had several clients who had construction jobs, and went back to community college to get their contractor's license. Have you considered that? Have you met with a vocational rehabilitation counselor and opened an account with the state Dept. of Rehabilitation? Were you injured on the job?


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    Construction requires a huge amount of administrative aspects, you should consider going in that direction.

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    Hell no. Dont like office work. Never have, never will. Im T10 incomplete, injured from motorcycle accident. Living in Australia. Thinking of a job in fitness or health services.or something. Not going back to construction the only thing left for me there involves a lot of pens, paper and computers. Not interested.

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    Small engine repair, or something like that then. I hear you on the office type work.

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    So a friend goes behind my back and organises for me to meet another friend of his who is in radio. We've met before on social occasions. Should be interesting.

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    Somewhere around here is a paraplegic welder.
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    Interested in "fitness or health services": what about exploring this further by visiting a local gym; visiting some athletes in wheelchairs to check out sports options?
    Helps to identify and pursue your interests.

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    There's a lot you can do, just don't set any boundaries. I was a diesel mechanic by trade been laborer all my life. I got injured on the job at 26. I was worried to death how am I going to support my family. Made my living all my life with my hands and hard work. You can work in a machine shop running lathe. There are smaller lathe's that a para can run. They make high dollar aerospace parts and the pay is awesome. It can be done, I went and took some classes myself. You can build circuit boards, soldering diodes, resistors , capacitors also decent pay. Also did that myself for a while. You can even go back into construction. Might require a little computer work. I am sure they need purchasers of their products on big builds. They have to buy wood at the best price, wiring, conduit order cement. Or you can Check this out. You can be a safety advisor for construction sites. Trust me they see a person in a chair they will listen. Where I used to work as a mechanic. They had this huge baler machine 2 million dollar piece of equipment. Makes those huge cardboard bales you see on those flat bed trucks. Very few people can fix those, I was one of a few in the state of Arizona. Well even after i got paralyzed that machine would break down. My old company called every body electricians , regular mechanics to try and fix it. It had been broke down for days the whole yard was at a stand still. They we're loosing thousands each day. My company gave me a call and asked if I had any ideal what it could be. Would I mind coming down and listening to what hey had done. I said yes for money. No joke this is funny they had high dollar people trying to fix it. They new it was electrical none of the electricians could figure it out. I was there and within ten minutes had the machine running. Picked up my check and said call me anytime. There's so much you can do. One thing to look into is state funded, job training. The state of Az spent $23 k on retraining me to do another job. Since I could no longer be a laborer. Bought me computer all kinds of stuff. Sorry to run on I just have so much information as I have helped so many people with this transition. Why because that was also one of my jobs. Worked for the state and helped people with spinal cord injuries go back to work. Ok last thing now I co-own a medical supply company. I sale my products nation wide and love my job. I like helping people if you ever want to see my online store. Good luck and if you need some ideals or feedback give me a shout.

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    Great description of your path post-injury!

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