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Thread: Virus when posting

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    Virus when posting

    I'm experiencing the cursor jumping around when trying tot post!!! It's not my . this post is full of what I'm taking about. I've had to retype this several times.
    Any suggestions? Thus far I just turn off the computer and start up again, then things work. I do have anti-virus on my computer.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Do you have any wireless devices such as keyboard or mouse? If so, replace the batteries.
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    Thanks, nonoise. No, don't have wireless mouse or keyboard on my computer, but thanks for the suggestion. (I use wireless keyboard with my ipad, but don't use that system on CareCure.)

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    Touching the touch pad or any other pointing device?

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    Mice usually work on light going through a wheel. These need to be cleaned or you get all sorts of erratic behavior.

    Usually when you open up the mouse you will find the LED light in front of wheel or whatever they use nowadays. Slide an alcohol wipe between each one of those to clean it.

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    Thank you folks! Will check these out.

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