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    Handcycle Trainer

    Which trainer do you guys recommend between the CylceOps Fluid 2 and Sportscrafter Overdrive. Its hard finding a good comparison between the two, I like the ease of setup on the overdrive but want a real road feel.

    Any recommendations will helpful!

    Update: I have a Freedom Ryder FRH-1

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    I have both, I use fluid 2 most of the time. both great. rep
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    Can you share any exercises, schedule or any other information on how you use the trainer? I have a cyclops and usually follow along to the video (attached here):

    Always looking for new routines.

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    Anyone here rig a computrainer load cell to a handcycle for Zwift? Zwift needs power and the only trainer I have from cycling days that has power built into it is a Wahoo Kickr, but I have no clue how to rig it for a handcycle.

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    I bought a Kurt Knetic fluid trainer 110 years ago and have been using it on and off ever since. It's great. I haven't used any other kind of trainer, but the fluid kind works really well for me.

    When I'm on the trainer I don't focus on speed, I monitor my heart rate. There are a lot of apps for your phone that can display your heart rate and beep when it slows because you're not pushing yourself enough. The phone apps are free, but the heart rate monitors (HRM) can be expensive. A good place to start is by going to Wahoo's site. They have apps and HRMs

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    I tried both the CycleOps Fluid 2 and the SportsCrafters Overdrive and like the SportsCrafters much better. I have been using it for the past four years or so. It's much easier to get on/off the SportsCrafters as you don't have to mess with the footrests, and there is very little tire wear due to the large drums. If you're serious about training and competing, then invest in a power meter as training by HR won't cut it.

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    I use a MagneTrainer with the optional ergo grips.

    Sorry... I only read the title.
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