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Thread: Surehands ceiling lifts/Quantum Q6 edge wheelchair for sale.

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    Surehands ceiling lifts/Quantum Q6 edge wheelchair for sale.

    Hello all. I was a primary caregiver for my brother who had multiple sclerosis. He passed away 3 weeks ago and I have the task of getting rid of all his equipment. As many of you know this equipment is ridiculously expensive. Not trying to get rich just recoup a little of my sister-in-laws money. The wheel chair was purchased in Nov 2015 and is like new. Very little use. I also have to 2 remote controlled surehands ceiling lifts with body supports and tracks/charging equipment. I am posting on forums like this one and the MS sites to get the word out. Here are the craigslist links for both. The lifts are still up so they can be tested by potential buyers. If you need both lifts I will give you a good deal. The equipment is located in Livermore CA (SF east bay). Let me know if you are interested.

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    Just wanted to say so sorry for your loss. You must be beside yourself. I could use the lift for my son but honestly we are broke. That is a great price though. Good luck.

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    Your craigslist posting have expired? Are the lifts/lift still available?
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    I sold one of my lifts today and the craigslist links have expired so here are the new links... Thanks all....

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    One surehands lift is still available. Private message me if you have any questions and I can send you the craigslist link. The craigslist links expire in a week and for some reason my other replies to this post are not going thru. Not sure why. The quantum wheelchair is still available as well.
    Thanks all.....

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    Hello all. The surehands lifts have been sold. The quantum wheelchair is still for sale. Take care.

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