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Thread: Finger exerciser that returns you to extension

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    Finger exerciser that returns you to extension

    After my 2009 injury I found this hand exercising device with little plastic hollow cylinders to put each of your fingers through. It held your fingers and hand in extension and provided resistance for flexion, I think through bands from the back of your hands to your fingertips. I was thinking one of these might help me now. I have a little bit of flexion strength but no extension strength in all. Such a thing that held me in extension but that I could work against for flexion would help me strengthen my fingers I think, which I need to do to be able to steer a new wheelchair.

    I can?t find one of these online now. Does anyone recognize what I?m talking about?

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    Be careful with anything that stretches your fingers into extension, esp. with your wrist in extension. This can cause you to loose your effective tenodesis grip. I would recommend seeing a PT or OT who specializes in hand therapy and who could prescribe appropriate exercises and equipment for you.


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