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Thread: Ordered First Power Wheelchair - Many Questions

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    Great advice from everyone. I did return the wc and you were so right about the paperwork being wrong. The paperwork did not include a lot of what was ordered versus what was delivered. I am definitely following the suggestions by GJ regarding the paperwork for my next order.

    Thank you all so much.

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    I think you need a new vendor. They seem to be feeding you bullshit. One of the points of tilt of your wheelchair is to save your shoulders not to use them for something else.. I just moved into a power chair recently and got all the features, including the elevating seat which puts me at around 5'3". It's pretty cool. Anyways, try a new DME.
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    I think most DMEs do sloppy work miss ordering parts, wrong size, miss parts etc. But also think part of the issue is some manufactures also because they are built at the factory then shipped to the DME.

    I had Pride forever and each new chair was always wrong. You would think they would have a better check and balance system?

    Its to late now but I have air filled tires and 100% love the change in the ride major difference!

    Seeing people post on the issues of having to fill their tires but for me I just go to a bike shop every few months or when needed they do it free and fast.

    Also have heavy duty slime that is used for mountain bikers and heavy duty tubes.

    What did you get??
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