There just isn't enough info on the net about specific questions like this.

When using a leg bag during the day, and then switching back to the night bag for bed time, is it necessary to use a brand new or clean bag each time you switch between the bags (and vice versa switching between night and leg bag in the morning)?

I read on one web site that recommended leaving the leg bag on at night and hooking the night bag to it then disconnecting the night bag in the morning. Does anyone do this? I would think that would be too much bulky stuff on your body while trying to sleep and there is risk of the bags coming apart and the straps or bags cause irritation while sleeping.

How long can a bag be off before it has to be cleaned and sanitized?

Also, what is the best way to clean and sanitize the bags? Ive been using liquid antibacterial soap with hot water, rinsing with hot water and sanitizing with cool water and vinegar for 30 minutes and then cool rinse and letting the bag hang with valves open until next use.


Thank you!