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Thread: Nose Congestion - c6

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    Nose Congestion - c6

    It's like I constantly have allergies. As an interesting side note: It goes away when I really have to pee - then just comes right back. Anyone else notice nose congestion with quadriplegia? Cures? Meds?

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    I have similar issues (C1-C2, using a phrenic pacer to breathe), especially whenever in a flat position. Mornings are the worst. The one thing that has helped me most is nebulizing Microcyn once or twice a day, mixed with a few ml of saline. It keeps my upper airways pretty clear, despite the whole not moving around at all.

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    A stuffed nose can be a symptom of autonomic dysreflexia. Have you checked your blood pressure when this occurs?


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    SCI-Nurse, I don't think its that. It is around most of the time. If anything it goes away with AD such as when I have to go pee.

    Scraper1, You inhale a wound care saline? Prescribed or something you invented?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyeg3 View Post
    Scraper1, You inhale a wound care saline? Prescribed or something you invented?
    Yup, pretty much. Desperate times, desperate measures. I was getting constant respiratory infections, like 3-4 bugs at a time, before I decided to embark on my own little clinical trial of one. Not prescribed - my respirologist would have been dubious at best, but not entirely self-invented either as one or two other posters here were also trying it to help with their breathing. It was also already being used way off label by dozens of people here for bladder issues, so it wasn't such a leap.

    Anyway, my main goal was to not die a slow painful death by drowning in my own snot (mission accomplished!), but suddenly being able to breathe through my nose and smell again were unexpected side bonuses.

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