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    The effectiveness (for me) doesn't reduce over time, but YMMV. It does relieve my nerve pain but it's also not my first line of defense - I have a set of topicals I use (tigers balm, zostrix, CBD lotion) and I use the tens as a fallback or if I'm run out of/can't get to whatever else. I haven't had much luck with the tens on large muscles (quads, glutes, hamstrings), but get about 40-60 % decrease in nerve pain for smaller muscle groups. I know it can be used to push anti-inflammatories transdermally - I've never done that.

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    I'm interested in buying a TENS. I've been using zappers for different kinds of pain for about 16 years. Zappers work great, an no, the effectiveness isn't reduced over time.
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    You might want to look for a refurbished empi - they've stopped making & selling them, but generally they're super cheap (<$40), are both FES/EMS and TENS, are extremely customizable, come with a couple sets of pads and have pretty great battery life. They had a weird sales model where they'd send you home from rehab with one and then empi would try and bill your insurance. If your insurance never paid, they'd ask you to return it for refurb or sell it to you (for much less than insurance was getting billed!). In areas with lots of rehabs, there tend to be a mess of secondhand and/or refurbished empi units around. It's probably worth asking your PT or OT.

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    My neuro pain is in my butt. I'm wondering if it's possible to use this on your gluts and not cause problems to your skin with pressure on the pads being in place all day?

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