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    Anyone using TENS these days?

    What unit did you purchase? Why that one?

    Can you program it yourself, or does it only have pre-programmed settings for "back pain", or "shoulder pain" etc.....


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    There are a million of them out there, but I bought a portable unit made by iReliev from Amazon. It has both TENS and EMS programs. It has about 5 programs for each therapy. You can't set anything except time and intensity. I'v been happy with it, but find that it works best when combined with heat. I use it on my shoulders.

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    Strongly suggest getting one that doesn't run on batteries or if it does, you can buy an AC adapter. My unit runs on 1 - 9 volt battery and I can get about 4 - 10 minutes sessions out of it.

    I have the Roscoe Medical Tens 7000.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for this.

    Did you guys choose units on your own, or did a PT help direct you?

    Yes, there are a million out there, with huge differences in price. I can't figure out why the prices vary so much, but I worry a bit a unit that is only preprogrammed and you have no idea what settings they are using.

    We we have a nms device, with ability to set all parameters, but it doesn't have capability to expand to TENS because the frequency settings don't go high enough. Annoying.

    thanks for the heads up about the battery life. I saw some units come with rechargeable batteries (which likely ups the price) and now I understand why.

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    I've been using a TENS unit for about 6 months now. When nothing else works on my pain the TENS usually does! DON't get a unit through your PT or the usual suppliers. You can get a similar unit thru Amazon for @ $17.00! That's right $17. Plus an extra pair of long life pads for just a few bucks more.

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    Is there a particular brand name for that $17.00 TENS, caffienated?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vintage View Post
    Is there a particular brand name for that $17.00 TENS, caffienated?
    There are a whole bunch of different tens units. The unit I chose is called


    i ordered it thru Amazon and it has worked out very well


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    My Dad's physical therapist used this model, which she liked because it allows you to adjust a lot of parameters. It does not have preset programs for "back pain" or "shoulder pain". It has 4 saved program types (normal, burst, pulse rate modulation, pulse width modulation). She favored the modulation programs.

    Intensity Twin Stin III

    It's on Amazon for $38. It's both a TENS, and an EMS unit. Comes with all the supplies you need in a nice carrying case.

    The trick is we needed her to give input on how to choose the parameters, and how to position the pads. I think it is probably helpful to talk with a PT experienced with these units for pointers, as it seems like there can be a bit of trial & error and it doesn't work for everyone.

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    I guess I purchased the economy model since it only cost $17. It does adjust intensity and location parameters, but that's it. Only comes with one set of pads, but they do last for quite awhile.

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    Thanks for the info on TENS. I have been considering purchasing a unit as a trial. Don't want to invest a lot of money. I don't take pain mess, so am looking for a non chemical solution. For those of you using TENS: does it reduce your nerve pain? How frequently do you use it? How long have you used it? Does it's effectiveness reduce over time?

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