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Thread: Foam mattress & transfers

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    Foam mattress & transfers

    We are in the process of replacing our bed and are looking at a memory foam or hybrid foam type. I am concerned that the edge might compress enough to make the transfers difficult. Does anybody have experience with this?


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    I'm a C6 quad. Changed from typical spring type mattress to memory foam (12" Signature Sleep brand available on Amazon) about 6 months ago. At first I felt more "stuck" to the memory foam, but now I actually prefer it. it's much more stable. Some weekends I sleep on the old style, and I still prefer the memory foam. I "bounce" more on the old style.

    and the memory foam mattresses are actually pretty firm, don't worry about sinking in too much.

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    I decided to try a memory foam (IComfort) mattress after 10 years on a Sleep Number. I liked the foam for a while (long enough for the return period to expire) then really began to hate it. As soon as I can I'll replace it with another Sleep Number.

    The foam is much harder to move around/roll on. You're right about the edges making transfers more difficult. Just too spongy. Even with the firmest version they sold, I still feel like I'm sleeping "in" the mattress rather than "on" it. The other great thing about the Sleep Number is that it never feels dented. It felt the same at 10 years that it did on day one. I did have to replace the foam bolsters and pillow top once, but the warranty made the cost to do that very reasonable. That bed is still in use in the guest room and everyone loves it.

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    I really like the span America pressure guard CFT. It's combination air chamber (8) and variety of foam viscosities. Depending upon your preference you can modify the pressure in the chambers.

    To address your issue with transferring, they have thought of that and put in an edge section of firmer foam so you can sit on the edge of the bed and it won't collapse and leave you unstable.

    If you do go with this mattress, don't believe the literature that you only need to check it every six months. I check my every month to make sure the air pressure is maintained at the optimal level. Sometimes even in a month, it does drop below where it should be.

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    Going through this myself. You're hand is going to sink into most foam mattresses when you transfer. The way around this is to use extra firm foam and/or a taught knit cotton cover. Those thin flimsy covers on Tempur-Pedic beds won't do. You want one with a cover that looks like a conventional mattress. But at the same time, you don't want a pillow top. Ideally, you want a zippered knit cotton cover without foam (a little wool is fine). If you get a cover with foam, the foam will be your weak link. The thin cheap foams in the cover make it super comfy at first but wear out quickly and make the mattress uncomfortable long before the other parts wear out. My mattress support layer is 6" air with a firm foam border around the edges. The comfort layer is 3" extra firm Dunlop latex (ILD 44) plus a 3" zippered pillow top. I removed the pillow top because of sinking in. Now the mattress is super easy to transfer onto but sleeping directly on extra firm latex is causing pressure build up. My next step is to add a 2" foam topper (I'm not sure which type of foam yet). I am also considering replacing the the air with extra firm foam. Whichever choice I make, I'm going to have extra firm foam around the border with a minimal amount of soft foam on top. With this configuration, I may be able to get away with a flimsy cover that comes with the topper. But ideally, I'll encase everything in a zippered taught knit cotton cover. Selecting a cover that is not loose or even slightly undersized to compress the foam helps transfers.
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    If you go for the hybrid for the sake of edge support, then make sure the coils extend to the edges. Some cheat and put the coils in the center around a foam edge.

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