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Thread: Text messaging from your computer

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    I use google voice which is free, they give you a free phone number to text from. i text to any one with a phone. works great

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    When work gave me a free phone, I paid a one time fee of $20 to transfer my service to google voice. Google voice lets you text or call anyone for free from any computer, tablet, or phone for free (so if you didn't want to pay $20 to use your old phone number you could just get a free google number). Plus you can have google voice forward calls from a cellphone to your home phone, etc.

    No reason to pay per text message... I'd go broke in half a day!
    Nice tip, I've been looking for something to replace Yahoo messenger which went in the tank.

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    I agree been using Google Voice for years and you can text from your phone, computer or iPad or tablet.

    Its free also!

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