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Thread: This is happening so fast...double checking nice but pushy vendor before ordering

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    This is happening so fast...double checking nice but pushy vendor before ordering

    I gathered a lot of knowledge on these boards, thank you! I felt I would be prepared going into my seating evaluation. I had 3 weeks, and after tons of research I knew I wanted either a TRA or a ZRA, (upgraded from an AeroT or Z). I'm still not sure which will be easier for me to (eventually) lift into my car. My vendor told me the Q7 is lighter. Is he right? He's really pushing Quickie, and I haven't read a lot of positive reviews. He also mentioned Ki Mobility, which I know little about. Whatever chair I get will have to survive a newbie learning to load and unload it, in the end "more gently dropping it" on asphalt.
    Going back to Tilite, I know I need to double check his measurements, but can't seem to find the sticky that points me to where to measure. Does changing front angle help w/spasticity? My kitchen/bathroom everything isn't cutout, so the closer I am to the sink, stove the better, I don't know what I should be asking for. What are my options for suspension for spasticity, frog legs? out front? How does that affect me measuring the frame, am I supposed to add +1 for something? Is one more dog hair friendly than the other?
    He's bringing a Q7 and Tilite for me to demo w/smartdrive on Thursday. "If I order today, I'd have your chair in 2wks" ummm... I know I need to insist on signing off on the CAD, but I don't know what I'm looking for on the CAD.
    Thank you for your expertise!

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    anyone that's pushing for you to order immediately in my experience doesn't know what they are doing! just my take on it if i were you i would demo the chairs for as long as you can and put them thru their paces in situations that happen everyday. especially situations you encounter on a daily basis. with my first chair i did not do this and paid for it. my second i still didn't do it however i had a more expierenced rep and they steered me in the right direction in my experience TiLites are they way to go my quickie was a foldable piece of crap that was useless to me. and actually the breaks were unusable from the very day i got it. and if they say you will have it in 2 weeks that is also a lie because most of the time it will take at least a month. that is if everything aligns and there are no delays with getting approval from both insurance and doctor. for this last chair i got i think it took something like 3 months it does go quick once everything is approved however the manufacturer can generally have it made and shipped within a week or 2. all in all be very weary of this guy try the chair in all of your normal situations both at home and out in the public to be sure it will work for you. if you don't think this guy knows what he is doing go with someone else or another vendor you have that right.
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    your vendor is pushing q7 due to a bigger margin. biggest question? is he in a chair? if not, he is clueless rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    your vendor is pushing q7 due to a bigger margin. biggest question? is he in a chair? if not, he is clueless
    This was my exact reaction. Do not rush this process. High pressure sales tactics have no place in doing this right
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    I am going through this process now only with a power chair. Last Monday an occupational therapist (OT) did the wheelchair evaluation with a durable medical equipment supplier in attendance. The supplier rep brought two chairs to the evaluation and only talked about one of them. One of my chief complaints about my current chair is rough ride. He said if I didn't like the ride in my current chair, I wouldn't like the ride in any other chair but the one he talked up.

    Today, I picked up a copy of the evaluation report, the OT's clinical notes AND a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) with the chair that the rep talked up specified and accessorized (tilt/recline/power footrests, joystick, controller, batteries, the whole thing. I only saw two chairs and only got info on one. Can we say, "Gross Profit." All of this paper work has been sent to my doctor for his signature.

    FULL STOP!!! Late last week, I sent an email to my doctor and told him not to sign anything until I had a chance to review the paper work. He agreed, so not sweating that.

    Thursday, I have an appointment with the same rep at his showroom, where he says he has 15 chairs, variations of several chairs for me to trial. At 6'3" tall, I've never seen a demo chair tha fits me I could demo for a couple of days.

    Do your homework, take your time. However, I do feel a bit of pressure to get something done just in case the House of Representatives and the Senate don't get these bills signed that would prevent Medicare from putting this out to competitive bidding and have half of the necessary accessories denied payment.

    For more on these bills, see:!

    All the best,

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    I just received an email from a wheelchair regional rep in my area. I had complained to her that I felt pressured by the durable medical equipment supplier rep to get this chair ordered. I know she has to walk a narrow line between the consumer and the suppliers, but she said, and I quote: "In response to your message from Friday sometimes the urgency on getting a new chair processed relates to time frames that are set by Medicare for documentation. The provider only has so many days that the paperwork is good for so they are motivated to keep things moving."

    Take that for what it is in context.

    All the best,

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    Please listen to those who have posted before me.

    You are getting set up to be plucked for profit.

    For my husband's first TiLite chair ( before all the consolidation in the industry ), we paid our DME in full for the estimated cost and then had them take care of the insurance line by line review. We got the difference back once everything had settled.

    In exchange, we were allowed to use the local distributors demo TiLite until my husband's chair was delivered.

    It still took over 4 weeks, maybe closer to 5, for the new chair to arrive at our house.

    Post your chair measurements and CAD drawings on this site. There are some really helpful wheelchair experts here who can help you through the process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2drwhofans View Post
    Please listen to those who have posted before me.

    In exchange, we were allowed to use the local distributors demo TiLite until my husband's chair was delivered.

    It still took over 4 weeks, maybe closer to 5, for the new chair to arrive at our house.
    Any of you who fit into a demo chair set up have a great advantage over those of us who are "oversized." I'm 6'3" tall and 135 lbs. In my entire 35 years post injury, there has never been a durable medical equipment supplier who has had a chair that I could demo, no matter what time frame. I don't know what it may take to have a chair for tall people available for short term demonstration/use. Take every advantage of using a chair that possibly fits your frame for as long as you can to see if it works for you.

    All the best,

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    Definitely Ti Lite of Q-7 far superior chair. I own both chairs and find it easier to load my ZRA in my car.

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    The whole demo thing can be a frustrating experience. Your chair will almost inevitably not be like the demo chair and for good reason. Demo chairs need to be able to fit the greatest variety of people. If you have any concerns while in the demo chair you are often told, or think, not to worry because the final chair will be customized for you and take care of any of these issues.

    Thus, you sign off on the chair, get the chair, and are unpleasantly surprised to find the same issues are present. Only now, you have little recourse since you did "demo" the chair and gave your blessings on the order.

    Bottom line is, we can only do our best in terms of trying different chairs and gathering information, but it seems to me there will always be an element of risk and whatever chair you get, especially so if you are changing manufacturers and/or models.

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