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Thread: Permobil M300 Corpus G3

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    Minimum seat to floor height when getting the elevator is 18.5. Minimum seat the floor height for getting any anterior tilt is the same.

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    I have the F3 with anterior tilt and no elevator and it is 17.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    The Medicare cost info for my new M300 is in

    DME billed $27,743 (what uninsured must pay)

    Medicare allowed $9,478 (what DME gets. This was paid by Medicare and my supplemental ins.)

    My expenses: $3,000 for non-Medicare covered seat elevator.
    Any thought of asking them to do the seat elevation at cost?

    Some of our community forget this is a business transaction and most DME's are not going to walk away from a funded chair because they still make a profit.

    This is a business model that has so many broken parts and they still use terms like MSRP.

    So like a car buy transaction "negotiate" I was going to walk away from my F3 funding and DME gave me the seat elevation at cost $900 so if they are charging $3000 do we see what the crazy mark up is!

    They also upgrade to 24 battery's for only $20 and a extra set of chrome caps and carbon fiber ($300) kit.

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    The tech came out this morning and replaced the CJSM2 joystick module. You will recall from earlier posts that the speed control knob broke off.

    I was also able to replace the "peg" style joystick handle with the Body Point Rubber Dome Handle, pictured below. It sits lower than the peg handle and keeps my fingers from hiding the screen from my view. Works well.

    You may recall, we talked a little bit about the casters on the m300 whipping around and providing a jerky ride. The tech talked to the Permobil area rep and she suggested that the caster bolts under the plastic covers could be be loosened by, up to 1/2 turn. On all 4 casters, pop the plastic caps with a small screwdriver and with a 10mm wrench, back the caster bolts off up to 1/2 turn. The tech made the adjustment and it made a good deal of difference. It isn't perfect, but it is better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldwheelz View Post
    I have the F3 with anterior tilt and no elevator and it is 17.5
    This pisses me off. My DME rep told me no can do for 5? anterior tilt, no elevator, and stay at 17.5. Tech support at Permobil thought it was possible and referred me to the local Permobil rep. He too thought it was possible until he called my DME rep, after which time he replied to me that it was not possible. And if you check the 2017 Permobil F3 order form, it does say that even 5? anterior tilt requires an additional inch of seat to floor height (see below). At this point I don't know who is telling me the truth, but the order is being processed without me getting the option, which I wanted.

    5? Active Reach No Charge

    When ordered with a Power Adjustable Seat Height, tilt range will be -5? to +50?. When
    ordered without a Power Adjustable Seat Height, tilt range will be -5? to +45?. This option will
    raise the minimum seat to floor height by about 1" when the chair is at 0? of tilt and ordered
    with Power Tilt and a Fixed Seat Tube.

    If I may ask who is your DME rep and what is their phone number as I would like to ask them myself. Unfortunately, even if it is possible I think I have pissed off enough people that to draw the line on this issue would really sour some relationships, if they aren't already. And as we all know, there just aren't that many decent wheelchair clinics out there.

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    if you read it right it does not say that it ads a inch of hieght, When the the chair is in the neutral tilt position you are higher than when you are tilted forward. I have to tilt forward to get thru the door of my van.. I have checkes and it is 17.5 in the neutral pos. Almost funny but when ordering I said height was very important but it came too high and they had to change something,

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