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Thread: Permobil M300 Corpus G3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    Do you know what brand of batteries were installed, how fresh and were they balanced? These variable that really matter as far as battery life and range.
    Never heard of battery balancing before. My chair should have a regulator built in to perform this task? If not how is it done?
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    The batteries should be balanced before they're installed, it's simply connecting them together in parallel (12 volts) and let them sit overnight.

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    FYI, the M3 (M300 successor) launched yesterday. Specs on Permobil's and reseller sites.

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    So...tonight I came out of my bathroom and positioned myself beside my bed. NL was ready to transfer me into bed when she noticed a toggle switch in my lap. Somehow, some way, the right side of the controller, the speed toggle switch has sheared off and I am stuck in low, low, low speed. I have a call and email into my durable medical equipment supplier and am awaiting his call tomorrow, Friday. I hope they can do some emergency repair so I'm not stuck on low for the weekend. Otherwise, it is back to my lifeboat, Invacare TDX-SP. Have plans with friends this weekend, stuck in low speed isn't going to cut it.
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    I contact my durable medical equipment supplier rep. Left him a phone message and sent this picture last night. He has answered my email. He talked to the Permobil rep and has ordered a replacement joystick. Yes, the whole thing has to be replaced. I also sent a message, including the pictures below, to the Curtiss-Wright Industrial Group, makers of the (CJSM2 joystick module). A couple weeks ago, they were kind enough to send me a PDF of the instruction manual for the controller. The engineer who answered my email invited me to write again with any questions or concerns.

    I'm just wondering if this is a common occurrence and possibly a design flaw. No great impact occurred that would have broken the switch. I might understand it if I had flown recently and baggage handlers did something....but that isn't the case. No one has been near the chair for a couple weeks except NL and I and the durable medical equipment tech.
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    Here is the reply I received from an engineer at Curtiss-Wright:

    I am sorry to hear about the selection knob fault that you have with your controller. I hope that it can be replaced in good time and that the problem does not return.

    I can say with confidence that this is not a common occurrence with the CJSM2. However, we have a seen a small number of reports which have the similar problem as yours. We have concluded that this is occurring owing to the knob’s profile being exposed and that it is likely to the first point of contact to excessive forces.

    There can be many causes which result in the weakening and breaking of the knob, but rest assured we have tested the design so that the knob passes a lifetime tests of 500,000 operations at a normal operating force of 2.5N through its travel. So that we are confident that under normal circumstances, it is fit for operation.

    We of course can make improvements, as we try to test for every eventuality before releasing a product, and strive to deliver the best possible products we can to ensure users have a reliable and great experience with all of our products. So we truly appreciate feedback from customers like yourself so that we can continue to do this.

    Can I ask if the CJSM2 is mounted on the left or right hand side of your chair? What is the normal operation of the knob (e.g. for power or mode/profile selection)?

    I wrote back and answered his questions. I gave him every assurance that the chair has not been out of my possession since it was delivered and that I am the only driver, except for NL when she moves the chair next to and away from my bedside.

    The durable medical supplier hopes to have the new module by late next week.

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    I got a response back from Curtiss-Wright after answering their questions:

    Thank you for your response. As I have mentioned, PG Drives / Curtiss-Wright appreciate all customer feedback so that we may continue to deliver the best possible products.

    And I apologise if my previous email suggested that you may have damaged the knob during use. That was not my intention. I was merely stating that the knob has been rigorously tested and, unless proven to be a manufacturing defect, would require a consistent extreme force, or continued misuse, to damage it. I shall find out from the engineers back in the UK next week what forces are required to break the knob. And we will investigate your controller fully so that we can come to a better evaluation once we receive it back from the supplier.

    I will ensure the unit gets sent back to the UK for analysis, as it also may be possible that the plastic used in construction has been changed (unknowingly) causing it to be weaker. Or there may be something in the manufacturing process that which has caused this problem. Until we have more information, it is difficult to say. I will keep you informed of any updates.

    If you have the serial number of the unit, I would like to make a record of it so that I may track your unit when it arrives with us. It is on a sticker on the underside of the module and normally starts with two letters e.g. CZ16030302.

    We looked for a serial number on the back of the controller module. I believe the serial number sticker may be covered up by the mounting bracket. That area seems to be the only flat spot on the module that you could paste a sticker. When the tech replaces the module with a new one, we can look under the bracket for the sticker or the durable medical equipment supplier may have recorded the serial number in their records.

    Curtiss-Wright seems to take this quite seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    What has been the approximate "burn rate" for battery usage for those with Permobil C-Series and the new F series? I still have my C 300 and after just 4-5 hours of basically inside desk work, with total distance probably less than 50 yards, and with a couple of tilt/recline for pressure relief and additional repositioning, I can burn through 2-3 bars. And this is for a brand-new battery not even four months old. While is probably true that stop and go, front and back maneuvering, rather than straight-line cruising with momentum in one's favor, consumes more power, it is not confidence boosting you see the burn rate when considering going out on an extended foray in the neighborhood or a full day out doing things.

    I've had several batteries on my C 300 and the average/median lifespan is about one year.

    I take care of the batteries properly, including correct break-in procedure and daily charging.
    I have had my F3 for approximately 6 months. I haven't had any issues with the batteries, until about the time I read your post (are you to blame?) above. Now, even with light usage, the power bars will drop from 1-2 green bars, almost immediately to red. Again, this isn't even with moderate usage, and with proper charging.

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    That unit with the knob looks unfamiliar to me for those that typically come with Permobil chairs. Why is it you got that type of controller? I guess that is not the R-net controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renard View Post
    FYI, the M3 (M300 successor) launched yesterday. Specs on Permobil's and reseller sites.
    It launched early on the 14th and its an amazing chair with some great features!!!!!

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