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Thread: Permobil M300 Corpus G3

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    Tried the Invacare matrix elite deep today with 6 inch contour. Good lateral stability without intruding upon your arms while providing greater shoulder mobility. Headrest and mounting hardware came with the back and were stable in full tilt/recline.

    Not a bad choice. Much improved over my C 300 flat back. The new corpus ergo is probably improved over that, but I doubt it's as good as Invacare.

    I'll be trying the J3 posterior deep lateral (PDL) next week, after which time a decision will be made.

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    Here are a couple more pictures, full back and front views, of the Link hardware headrest on a Permobil m300 with a Roho Agility Mid (Medium) contour back.
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    Looks nice. what is your level of injury? how tall is your back, measured from midline bottom edge of back to midline highpoint? what is the total height off the seat pan? how deep is the back?


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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    Looks nice. what is your level of injury? C6/7 complete how tall is your back, measured from midline bottom edge of back to midline highpoint? 20 inches what is the total height off the seat pan? approximately 3 inches how deep is the back? range is 3-3/4 - 4-1/4 inches
    I have a very long torso, I'm 6' 3"

    This is the Roho Agility Mid Contour back with the Roho air insert and Permobil Link hardware headrest.

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    So your total back height is about 23 inches off the pan. The aftermarket backs all seem to offer two sizes, the standard which is about 3 inches and the deep which is 6 inches. I am exactly the same level as you and have quite a bit of side to side instability in my C 300 which has a flat back and which has proven to be painfully exhausting. The Invacare I tried was 6 inches and provided some nice wraparound trunk support as well as scapular cutouts which I think would help with this. 3 inches of back depth might be too little for me. Given how hard it was to get the aftermarket backs demoed I can only imagine if I want to now try the 3 inch.

    If it were only as easy as trying on different shoes. Every new configuration one wants to try requires an additional clinic visit after a while the therapists start to run a little short on patience. My selection process is already into its fifth month and I need to come to a decision soon. I'll be trying the J3 back week and after that I will need to make a decision.

    At 6'3" with only 23 inch back that's quite a bit of leverage you have on the headrest bracket. I'm surprised the therapist didn't give you more grief over that. It seems that for tilt/recline users they try to give you a back almost up to the base of your neck under the belief is needed for support in the pressure relief mode. However, in my opinion and experience, the back that high is uncomfortable, painful, functionally limiting, and restricts shoulder mobility.

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    I tried the Roho Agility Deep Contour back, but it absolutely had too much wrap at the scapula level for me and restricted movement significantly. I have a J2 Deep Contour back on my TDX-SP, but the wrap was lower and the way the durable medical equiment supplier mounted it, it didn't cause any restriction. The J2 back doesn't wrap at the shoulder or scapula level, it supports more at the upper rib level and downward. It was always comfortable, but my current durable medical equipment supplier commented immediately upon meeting me that the mount of the back was quite unconventional. I have a lot more distance head rest bracket to the head rest in the TDX-SP than in the new Permobil m300.

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    Thanks for the feedback. With these wraps need to get them at the pelvic or thoracic level. My therapists said it would be better for me higher up, but I could see your point about being restrictive. You could drive them crazy asking to compare the 3 inch versus the 6 inch, pelvic versus thoracic levels, for a combination of four possible back changes, each requiring quite a bit of time to swap the backs. And that's within one brand, not to mention trying this combination between brands.

    One thing to note, the wrap on the Invacare matrix elite was part of the shell itself cannot be changed in relation to the back height, while the Jay3 one can modify the height of the laterals through the use of two tracks in the shell itself, though the wraps on the J3 do not appear to provide as much of a broad curved lateral support.

    For those that are considering an aftermarket back, it's really important to do your homework first so the therapist can have the most appropriate demo's available. It's a lot of extra work swap aftermarket backs, especially between different brands which may have different mounting hardware. It's a big deal on a power chair with tilt and recline, much more than a manual chair.

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    Does anyone know on the m300 permobil if the front caster wheel do you replace the whole wheel or can you just buy the tire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    Does anyone know on the m300 permobil if the front caster wheel do you replace the whole wheel or can you just buy the tire?
    You just need the right size tire.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Here is the side view of the Link hardware.
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