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Thread: Permobil M300 Corpus G3

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    I have ot unplugged mine for months. Not too worried about a spark. Might not be the right way but it's my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    I've had 4 power chairs and none of the battery chargers had an on/off switch. Anyone had a charger with a switch?

    That said, I've done a quick search of images of wheelchair batteries, and it appears that there are wheelchair battery chargers out there with on off switches. Invacare has their label on one, but my three Invacare chargers did not have on/off switches.

    My old M300 has a charger with an off/on switch. It is the charger that came with the chair. That is why it is an issue with me.
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    I have 2 of them with the switch on them. They are real heavy also. 1 made by Invacare the other by Lestor. They both look the same so Invacare probably made by Lestor. I know the lestor was my first charger.

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    Google search Lester 24 volt battery charger. EBAY has one for sale. Looks kinda rough. They are dual modes which mean 1 setting for acid batteries and another setting for gel cell charging. Which I was told it didn't matter which way you charged your batteries it was more of a sale thing to cost you more. I have used both setting with acid or gel and never did notice nothing. Every once in awhile I charge my batteries on my chair and it takes a lot longer with old lester heavy type battery charger. I think it does a better job then the new light weight ones do though. Maybe why I get most the time 2 years or more. I never get rid of

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    Quote Originally Posted by RollPositive View Post
    When we fly we take your chair all the way in to the plane and then turn to transfer in to the 1st row seat (bulk head seats) a mid wheel drive chair you cant get in as far due to the front castors hitting the walls of the galley area. A front wheel drive doesnt have to casters so you turn in so much better then its also more simple for the ground crew to back up the chair so they can load it in the cargo hold below.
    How do you always get that seat. Do you fly 1st class? Most the planes I've been on I have to go thru 1st class to get to my seat. Are there certain models of plans that you choose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heartdog View Post
    I wonder if there's a way to fund a chair before the five years is up, if there's extenuating circumstances. My M300 is going on 3 already, and it's been a really bad chair. From the very beginning I complained that one caster was bad, fluttered, and wasn't hitting the ground the same. Well, it finally got really bad, and was "repaired", but literally fell off at home. Long story short, went back to the place that I got it through, and it's still in repair hell. Fixed the caster, but gave it back with a mid wheel catching. It squeaks, over steers, and I'm pretty sure the suspension is worse than when I got it. I'm getting back pain, headaches, and VERY bad shoulder pain, because it doesn't fit me well. I can barely get it around in my little house, too, it's just so huge. That F5 with the aggressive tread looks amazing, for city sidewalks that are so jagged. I'm not sure what to do. Talking to a caseworker for Medi-cal tomorrow, hopefully figure something out.

    I'm not saying it's impossible, because it isn't but a flappy castor is very unlikely to trigger a new funding approval. If you're suffering back pain, headaches and bad shoulder pain, are you saying that's from the seating? If the M300 won't fit, the F5 is unlikely to be better (longer footprint, better at 90 degree turns, worse at turning on the spot - I live in a unit w/ 2 x 9' x 10' bedrooms and nothing much bigger and the M300 has been ok with an 18" back but both can be narrower with a 16" back, and the F5 is narrower than the F3. You can bring your armrests in an inch or so if you need to as the clearance given against the backplate is often far wider than it needs to be. The castor issues.

    1) If it's not hitting the ground correctly, check if the fork is fitting properly. Then check if the fork is bent. Then check if the anti-flutter/friction brake kit is fitted correctly. Buy a replacement, and a torque wrench, loctite and socket set, and do it yourself. Is it still hitting differently? Flutter is usually having a friction brake that is too lose. Bad techs rebuild rather than replacing to save money, but it's a fake saving when it ruins your quality of life. Have you thought about using solid/gel tyres to improve ride stability and reduce castor reliance? Have you learnt your friction brakes inside out? Are they being replaced every 500-650 miles or so - at the same time as the castor tyres AND plastic castors. Have you checked the plastic castors aren't damaged or warped? If the fork fell off at home, the friction brake can't have been correctly installed and I'd ask for a change of repairer and a new vist to evaluate previous repair work. I'd also ask if you've looked at the Implied Warranty laws in your state - if it's not got 6 working wheels it's not merchantable as a Mid-Wheel Drive wheelchair and you should ask for redress under your State laws and with the help of consumer protection office if you can do that in your state and if the law deems warranty between you and the chair seller or Medicare and the seller.

    If most people go to their funding body after 3 years with those complaints, and say the chair barely fits in their house but want to go from a chair with a base cost of ~$23k to $35k, and from a Group 3 to a Group 5 chair, most funding bodies will laugh you down the street and tell you - especially if you got a Permobil with Corpus seating, that if you don't like the most expensive option you can wait another couple of years and then choose ANY single cheaper option. If you can work with a specialist prescriber to find out exactly what is causing your comfort issues and fix that, Medicare may fund that as an extenuating circumstance variation (e.g. significantly different needs or was mis-prescribed). Unfortunately that's unlikely to fly. As far as oversteers, that's not possible with a Mid-wheel drive chair, but if you mean it turns too fast at speed OR the joystick isn't responding to a lack of input quickly enough, that can and should all be fixed in programming. It sounds like you got a really bad, poor, terrible tech and you've been suffering - can you change service agents?

    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    My C 300 with the solid flat back that in my opinion is too tall, with no lateral support (the old Permobil laterals sucked) utterly destroyed my body. [...]That's what my C 300 feels like. Anybody that gets a solid flat back ought to have their head examined because it is just asking for trouble.

    Is this Corpus 2 seating or Corpus 3G? it's important not to conflate the two for other potential purchasers imo, as Corpus 2 was rubbish, generic and useless and you're otherwise comparing Corpus 3G which is decent rehab seating for a lot of people (backrest at least, cushions may be another matter) with full custom rehab backs which are a seperate funding category in many areas AND your prescriber could potentially be sued for refusing to apply for funding for a different back if you can document that these issues are a result of her pushing the wrong seating system at you. I'd suspect that'd be hard though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    This is my first permobil and am not impressed. Rides rougher than my Invacare tdx-sr. I was tilted and reclined some watch some tv and turn it back on nothing. None of the lights for the tilt or any other on that control before the joystick lit up. The chair would move with the joystick but nothing else. After about 10 minutes I was about to call 911 because I could not get out chair in tilt and recline. Turned it on and off about 20 to 30 times and it finally lit up. Dme check all the wireing like I did found nothing and hasn't done it again but am sure it will screw me sometime. One motor has a funny click as you slow down before you come to a complete stop with the big click that locks the motor and gearbox up. The other side makes the same noise to at times. I have had Invacare brush motors and gearboxes and never herd that double click is what I call it. Does get on your nerves to. My DME called the factory and the factory is sending to brand new units out cause they want the other that are making the noise. Am sure they got a problem there somewere they know about. They never said a word about why the other control that runs tilt,recline,footrest and up and down were all dead for about 20 minutes after fussing with it. When they come and get it to replace the motors am gona metioned it to him and ask if he even ask the factory about that. Am sure something is wrong in the wireing or the main controller. Hope Invacare gets it back together so if I live another 5 years I'll probabaly would go back to Invacare. Dang good thing my Invacare is in great shape for a spare. Am gonna need it the way things look.

    The click is the magnetic brakes locking into place - they lock with a lot more force than the other brands but should lock at the same time and not sequentially - refer to Permobil under your warranty imo. If you're heavy enough you can hurt actuators - especially if you're pushing >110kg and didn't go for the M400 (HD) or similar, or if you had a combination of actuators working and flexed it. If you leave it off for 10 mins and turn it on again, or trip the main fuse, reset and turn it on, a full reset cycle can bring them back. This is why the new chairs (especially the F5 VS) do an actuator health check when booting up from cold. Actuators have to be so exact that even 1mm is a problem, and it looks like we're both big bloke in an upper body sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    There is a tendency for the m300 to caster over steer

    This was with the original friction brakes, but the new ones are meant to fix this issue (actually that the castors didn't have enough friction on them) - the drive wheels steer on wheelchairs like this so the casters don't overturn if the friction brake has the right degree of friction - both art and science.

    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    LOL....Not impressed with the M3 that's for sure. 7 inch wheels for casters? In the one picture next to all those flower when she backs up and them big 7 inch wheels flip around.....clean up in aile 7

    One 34 second video done by their PR company and with a demo chair, focusing on the emotional experience of a chair rather than features and setup, and you've binned it? Easy to please much?

    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    What they are trying to do is make [...].the new m3 like the F3 or F4. Midwheel chairs are made for tight places like the home and stores. They should get there chairs they have now to work right before they make new ones...Geeezzzz The m3 you need a football field to turn around The girl reaching for flowers if I did that I do a face plant right into them. Problem solved there is my funeral flowers......lmao

    Like gjnl I reckon you're a little (a lot) prone to hyperbole. So they should've started selling a different M300 where they adressed all the same problems? But they're not allowed to call it the M3 to make more sense (Group 3, Mid wheel drive chair). They fixed the suspension comfort issues, added a half-decent seating cushion, improved the joystick, improved the seat elevator speed, improved the chair's ride and ride at speed, castors, responsiveness and suchlike. While I have issues with the M300, a lot of them are simply that I really could've done with a M400 or uprated motors and actuators. Everything Roll says about the improvements between the M300 and M3/F3 etc is true.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Does anyone know if the new Permobil battery charger can be left plugged in when not in use? Connecting and disconnecting it every time it is used is a pain.

    It tells you to unplug the toaster and the kettle too. Do you do that? It's exactly the same principle - until you plug it in the circuit isn't closed and it doesn't take anything other than a bit of standby power. Given the expected life of the chair a charger will be fine for that long - individual capacitors etc will be rated for 10,000 hours plus.

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    In that I see this is your first post, "WheelchairDad," I would normally send you a welcome message, but nah, not this time, I don't suffer fools gladly. And I see you haven't taken the time or effort to flesh out your profile. A completed profile lets all of us know why you are posting here. Just ask the SCI nurses.
    Last edited by gjnl; 06-22-2017 at 12:35 AM.

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    @gjnl, are you always this aggressive? For clarity, there should've been a comma after 'gjnl', or perhaps the word 'opines' - or you could've just not presumed I was an asshole.

    If you can point to something that's factually incorrect above, I'm happy to change my post and apologise for any misinformation. However, I've done an average of 7.5km per day since Feb 25th 2014 in my M300 and I've had more to do with those bleeding friction brakes than I'd like, as well as the rest of the chair. I'm fairly sure once Jim links my old account to this one (and once I ask him to) my profile will flesh itself out anyway, but just for you I'll add a bit more. SCI-Nurses and Jim are more than capable of policing trolls and fake accounts without your insinuations though... and that was to be my next step after replying here, but have you considered that I might've posted last night @ 2.38am my time, gone to bed, looked after my kid, done some advocacy work, arranged some medical stuff for some other folks and then visited a friend in hospital, collected dinner for my wife, waited for an hour because a bus driver wouldn't open his bus doors to let my wheelchair on and then taken another bus home, but not before visiting my father-in-law in his nursing home or talking to his mother for an hour about power of attorney issues.....and then settled the sick kid, spent 10 mins with my sick wife and chased up a few emails, then popped on here at...2.23am again.

    I'm not sorry there wasn't time to jump through your suggested hoops before you choose whether to think about according me the same courtesy you make it clear that you accord everyone else, so to apologise would be hypocritical - but I am sorry we've gotten off on the wrong foot.

    Hopefully my on-order F5 VS will keep me out of this thread if everyone else responds the way you have :/.

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