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Thread: Permobil M300 Corpus G3

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    I have ot unplugged mine for months. Not too worried about a spark. Might not be the right way but it's my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    I've had 4 power chairs and none of the battery chargers had an on/off switch. Anyone had a charger with a switch?

    That said, I've done a quick search of images of wheelchair batteries, and it appears that there are wheelchair battery chargers out there with on off switches. Invacare has their label on one, but my three Invacare chargers did not have on/off switches.

    My old M300 has a charger with an off/on switch. It is the charger that came with the chair. That is why it is an issue with me.
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    I have 2 of them with the switch on them. They are real heavy also. 1 made by Invacare the other by Lestor. They both look the same so Invacare probably made by Lestor. I know the lestor was my first charger.

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    Google search Lester 24 volt battery charger. EBAY has one for sale. Looks kinda rough. They are dual modes which mean 1 setting for acid batteries and another setting for gel cell charging. Which I was told it didn't matter which way you charged your batteries it was more of a sale thing to cost you more. I have used both setting with acid or gel and never did notice nothing. Every once in awhile I charge my batteries on my chair and it takes a lot longer with old lester heavy type battery charger. I think it does a better job then the new light weight ones do though. Maybe why I get most the time 2 years or more. I never get rid of

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    Quote Originally Posted by RollPositive View Post
    When we fly we take your chair all the way in to the plane and then turn to transfer in to the 1st row seat (bulk head seats) a mid wheel drive chair you cant get in as far due to the front castors hitting the walls of the galley area. A front wheel drive doesnt have to casters so you turn in so much better then its also more simple for the ground crew to back up the chair so they can load it in the cargo hold below.
    How do you always get that seat. Do you fly 1st class? Most the planes I've been on I have to go thru 1st class to get to my seat. Are there certain models of plans that you choose?

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