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    Permobil M300 Corpus G3

    I've been doing a great deal of research on rehab power chairs. Here is a quote from the Permobil M300 Corpus G3 web page on the Permobil site:

    The patent-pending Climbing and Traction Link system connects the drive wheels and casters and performs multiple functions, providing overall stability especially while climbing obstacles and traversing various surfaces. With the Climbing and Traction Link system, the M300 boasts unmatched climbing capabilities - 3" forward and 2" reverse. The large 8" casters and flat-free drive tires with gel inserts help absorb shock, while the solid steel struts lessen the impact of lateral forces. Plus, the Climbing and Traction Link system incorporates an oil-damped shock with a progressive tension spring, so performance can be adjusted to fit an individual's weight and lifestyle needs.

    It appears to me that to get the maximum performance out of the the Climbing and Traction Link system (3 inch forward climb and 2 inch backward climb) you need to select the tire/caster package that includes 8 inch casters and flat-free tires with gel inserts." Read this: (paragraph at the top right hand side).

    Foam insert tires don't seem to be an option on the order form, only pneumatic or flat free gel filled.

    I know a couple of you are in the market to replace your Permobils with a new model. How are your durable medical suppliers interpreting these specifications regarding the Climbing and Traction Link system that is standard with the Permobil M300 Corpus G3?

    Have any of you who have had Permobil chairs before had the black tire option? Do they leave black marks on floors?

    All the best,
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