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Thread: Starlock Wheelchair Cushion

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    Starlock Wheelchair Cushion

    Has anyone ever used one of these Starlock Wheelchair Cushions? I have currently been using a Roho cushion for the last 33 years. I need to have some of the bubbles tied off so I can minimize the pressure to my perineal area while I'm sitting in my wheelchair.

    The OT that is recommending this cushion to me has told me that it is quite easy to lock out specific bubbles in areas that are needed. One thing that he has also told me was that the material is just a little bit stiffer than the rubber on the Roho cushions. To be honest with you I am extremely leery of change. It is only because Roho has worked so well for me for quite a long time. What are folks' experience on how long this cushion lasts?

    Would love to hear your input and thoughts if you have used this cushion before. Thank you very much

    Above is what the cushion looks like

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    I have two Star cushions, the regular ones 4" and 5" max immersion. They both work great, didn't notice any difference in stiffness of the rubber compound between them and Roho. Checked out the Starlock with a PT in eval, easy to use and will probably try one out in the future. In my opinion Star makes as good a cushion as Roho.

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