For those of you that may be having hand pain, perhaps severe, on the backside (dorsum), accompanied by a rigid bump, you may have what is called a carpal boss. This is a bony fusion of two or more bones in the wrist and/or hand. Often mistaken a ganglionic cyst.

I just found this out after several years of hand specialists blowing me off after all of them seeing the more radio opaque area on the x-ray and simply calling it arthritis. Perhaps they did see it and just did not want to deal with a quadriplegic, as I firmly believe after seeing close to half a dozen specialists with only the most cursory of examinations.

If it is unresponsive to conventional therapy and activity limiting surgery may be an option. It involves an ambulatory surgery in which the "boss" (Latin for bridge) is actually chiseled or cut away. Hopefully, the downtime will be limited, but any type of weight-bearing would be out for a period of time in which one would be smart to eliminate as much weight-bearing in the future. This would involve a lift system for transferring, not transferring into a car, driving from the chair, and not using the hands for pressure relief.

Chronic trauma is one of the leading causes for it and would probably predispose one to have it recur.